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you sing very well I think you could also play "instruments" with your voice by converting vocals to midi :)+0
March 03 2022 20:34:58
beshepe Thank you!! I do it and have some songs, all from voice to midi and a lot of work, that's why I would love to have a band. If you want check here, but it's very amateur: https://soundcloud.com/miguel-leite-17/tracks +1
March 03 2022 20:48:21
abuitremorem Thanks for this link. I am very happy that I finally hear someone who can implement what I have in mind. I once wanted to do a school project like this, but there were not enough music students.
I finally know how your songs sound in context. I couldn't imagine that until now.
March 05 2022 10:50:40
beshepe _Funny, I'm gym teacher in poor comunities and have that idea as well. I bought Imitone, 25 dollars, and use ableton , both to convert voice to midi. Imitone is in real time and good to correct, not create, since makes a lot of mistakes. To create is the ableton conversor. I hope you can teach kids, it's easy to make simple things and train the brain! A lot of work compared to someone that know the note in piano but well... +0
March 05 2022 10:54:53
beshepe To do it, normally I need to sing : po, po, po's in half time or less, sometimes an octave or 2 higher, since lower notes and faster is harder for the softare. If you want, I send you a small video, with example. +0
March 05 2022 10:57:17
beshepe ...and I would love to have a band online, or in scholol, each stuedent making an instrument, for a complete song. The drums is exception, I just do snare and kick with voice, and after with mouse, in the same spots, very boring ahah +0
March 05 2022 10:59:24
beshepe I was Gym teacher. Now I work at home, in pc, so I don't do music since it hurts my body to be always on pc, using mouse. But I hope to do more in future.. +1
March 05 2022 14:48:13
abuitremorem I'll send you the answer in Wikiloops mail +1

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