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I wish someone plays a violin to this track and it should sound like a Jimi Hendrix guitar. This is the reason I hope David Garrett is online and will give it a try. I once knew a girl who could play the violin but we were young and never jammed together and now she is already dead. If you don't play the violin, add a cello or what you like. I slowed down the tempo for this second upload ...


nero, das gibt hoffentlich viele remixe ! sehr schön :)+1
September 17 2014 10:46:34
Neronick Ja, ich würde gerne mal bei einer Art "Desire"-Sache mitwirken...:) +0
great tune:)love the melodic guitar sound:)+1
very very graceful in one of my favorites tempos - love the bottom notes that anchor this so beautifully. 3:35 - ahhhhh! i think you have your opening lyrics: "I once knew a girl who could play the violin but we were young and never jammed together and now she is already dead." LOVE THIS.+1
September 18 2014 07:42:14
Neronick I had written some songs for her... :) +0
Nice one Nero, cool sounds.. ;)+1
nice guitar work. :)+1
September 18 2014 07:43:19
Neronick Thanks for listening, my friend. Still waiting on your next upload... :) +0
schön schön+1
Please don't mind the intro :)+0

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