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This is really a remix of an old ''tune'' i had here. It's made up of a bass line + a distorted bass soloing & the dreaded drum machine. The original was recorded w/ too much gain, really unpleasant so i cleaned it up quite a bit & managed to preserve this distorted bass solo which i liked & was never able to ''recreate'' Later i WILL upload both bass parts WITHOUT the drum machine so a drummer may join in if ...


Rockin nuno!:)incredible Bass playing m8!:)well done man!;)+1
September 17 2014 14:43:03
nuno1959 Feels good to be back into the thick of it… ;) +0
cool mix well done+1
September 17 2014 15:36:27
nuno1959 Cheers RickP ! Glad you enjoyed it…. +0
Great work+1
September 17 2014 15:36:03
nuno1959 Thank you LZ !! Appreciated ;) +0
September 17 2014 17:06:22
nuno1959 Thanks Cody ;) +1
nice like "fresh air" ;)+1
September 17 2014 17:07:24
nuno1959 i LIKE that comment, thanks Adu ;) +0
very good, u do intersting instrumental pieces nuno, apreciated!+1
September 17 2014 17:21:33
nuno1959 So do you Mulambo, my Wiki Bass Brother !! ;) +1
great growling from you, Nuno. GRRRRRR!+1
September 17 2014 17:22:23
nuno1959 GRRRR ? Yup, that sounds pretty much like what's on my head when i do them !! :D Thank you Anne +0
Nuno again at full strength and energy, perfect:)+1
September 17 2014 19:16:44
Lenny Cowler
nuno1959 You Spoil me Lenny but Thank you ! ;) +1
Now is sure Nuno is a Martian and has a spatial bass cosmic energy loaded that shoot plasma rays !!+1
September 18 2014 00:29:13
nuno1959 Docnat - You should see my Funky Space Cadet outfit covered in sequins & glitter + platform boots… ;) +0
September 18 2014 00:33:55
docnat Yes green and with the antennas in the head :D +1
September 18 2014 00:35:51
nuno1959 A bit like Bootsy… ;) +0
September 18 2014 00:49:51
docnat complete with a star-shaped glasses! +1
Wow Nuno, I can see you riding your steel horse on this one... Really good!+1
September 18 2014 00:34:44
nuno1959 Thanks man, appreciate it ! ;)
Funny you should say that 'cause often these ideas pop up in my head when out riding my bike in the mountain roads behind my place !!
Yup… a total, hopeless nutter ! :D

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