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Got a little jam in this morning with Michael & Phillipe before a conference call. Thank you for the excellent play my friends. Michael commented that he wrote this on a windy night. It was windy here all day yesterday but but at the same time warm and sunny so I welcomed it. We need more of that to dry out the ground which is like pudding. I can't stand the mud anymore.


Thanks for joining Ron :W The wind here has almost stopped and the sun came out, though it's still cold at night.+1
March 22 2022 16:29:43
Riffraff Still cold most nights here too in the north east. Looking forward to warm, dry weather but I guess I'm in the wrong part of the country for that now. The weather patterns have changed here pretty dramatically over the last few years. It's dry in the winter and wet the rest of the year. We're seeing plants and insects we've never seen before. Time to move. :D +1
March 22 2022 21:53:13
SoulFingers Let's hope there are no men eating plants coming up ;) It's great to live in a country big enough to move into a different climatic zone, isn't it? :D +1
March 23 2022 10:02:53
Riffraff Very true. +1
taking a break from digging some fence post holes, relaxing to this killer jam...great work Ron. fantastic lines brotha <3 great pairing of tones between you and Michael :W <3+1
March 23 2022 09:49:27
Riffraff Thanks brotha. :) That's tough work my friend. I'll never forget digging the fence post holes when I put the horse paddocks up. There were 72 posts that required holes about a foot wide and 3ft deep. My son helped me dig the outer perimeter. I rented an auger hoping that would make the job go easier but we have a lot of big rocks in the ground here and it was useless for a lot of them. We used combination of that, a heavy steel digging bar to get the boulders out of the ground and a regular post hole digger. That was a hell of a weekend LOL! The day we finished a wicked thunderstorm struck just as we were digging the last 3 holes. When it came it was raining so hard we could see it approaching like a water curtain coming at us. That rain felt so good but the lighting strikes were coming fast & furious. Digging in the ground with a giant steel bar in a lighting storm is a bad idea. :D We finished the one we were digging so we could stick a post in it to stop it from filling back in then ran for the house. +1
March 23 2022 15:28:58
rootshell haha that's a great story, glad you all escaped just in time :D I'm only doing a few fence posts for a little picket fence out front...learning in the process, never did such a thing :) have a great day Ron! :W +1
Major 3rd
Great playing and work Ron! great band too! mud...yup...bring on the sunshine!:D:W+1
March 23 2022 22:29:52
Major 3rd
Riffraff Thanks brudda. You're local so you know exactly what I'm talking about. When the NJ and Delaware get more snow in the winter than we do 3 years in a row something is wrong. Freakin' chem planes! :D:D:D +1
March 24 2022 01:02:02
Major 3rd
Major 3rd yup, I agree! something is wrong ...alot of +1
Your tone shaping is really outstanding. There are only few to compare. A pleasure to listen. 😀+1
March 23 2022 23:09:45
Riffraff Thank man! It's just my FSR Tele through an old Peavey Rock Master tube preamp run straight to my interface. I use Two-Notes Torpedo cab IR's because I do my recording between 4 & 6 a.m. in the morning and EQ via my IR choices which is typically some greenback, V30 blend of 112 & 412 cabs. It's all virtual so may as well go big right? :D +1
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