Serpent god preview 2

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Sorry it took solong to make somthing gus hope you like and join in


It has unprocess guitars or drums but i whant your opinion on the idea and sequense of the ,song i always improved on your honest opinion 'hey Dude i like this but the other part needs this an that " you know what i mean ,so i can improve on it. And recorded with a better sound like few of my other tracks the drums are from a my passaway drumner and friend and i like to do it as tribute to him and every body here on wikiloops+0
Fabricio L
:W I like the whole song. Honest opinion :W+0
March 26 2022 09:08:10
Fabricio L
Gelo Thank you all y need is a good solo put your magic my compadre +1
March 26 2022 18:29:11
Fabricio L
Fabricio L ::W I will made compadre , but first I used your drums track for another version :W :D +0
March 29 2022 05:13:54
Fabricio L
Fabricio L #241070 +0
Mika Tohve
Total headbanger :W+0
March 26 2022 09:07:09
Mika Tohve
Gelo Thanks budy +1
March 31 2022 08:40:42
Mika Tohve
Gelo My master thanx +1
Wow, cool tight riffing, all respect at 0:27 and I love such breaks like 1:14, which brings a nice dynamic into the track.:W:W+0
March 31 2022 08:40:15
Gelo Love the feed back thank you my friends i will try to improve on the sound +1
Super cool!! :W:W+0
This is awesome, my honest opinion :W:o+0
March 31 2022 08:37:58
Gelo Thanks my friend +1

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