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Thick crunchy groove rock. Bluesy G7/C7ish verse to heavy Gm chorus

Left interlude open for bass solo or Whole Lotta Love type craziness.

1 gtr left and 1 gtr right

Thanks Weazle.

I would love any feedback as to what/who it sounds like, lol. To me the chorus sounds like one of the songs of off White Lions first album (before Pride)


September 19 2014 20:36:54
ShiShi real nice from you both :)

September 19 2014 13:50:05
nuno1959nuno1959 What it sounds like ? How about : Smokin', Rockin' & Wicked ?
Yup, a great combination in my book JJ... ;)

September 19 2014 11:42:57
bhunt1bhunt1 rock on!

September 19 2014 10:45:52
WadeWade This is cool! very measured and tight.
+2 September 19 2014 10:48:39 WadeJonJon
hehe "loose but tight" is what Jimmy Page used to say. In any case its gtr left and one gtr right, so it will be a little more "measured" than if it was just one guitar. If it was just 1 then id probably have more spontaneous fills. Its probably good for me to double stuff so I have that tiny bit of discipline/self editing added
September 19 2014 06:51:39
haddockhaddock Cool!!

September 19 2014 06:22:18
Danalyze45Danalyze45 Really nice tone and some great riffing. Very cleanly played throughout :) As far as who it sounds like...there are moments it sounds NOTHING like him, but the strongest thing I hear is a touch of Jimmy Page in the riffing work.
+2 September 19 2014 10:32:21 Danalyze45JonJon
I always used to say I wanted VanHalens left hand, Keith Richards right hand, and Jimmy Pages imagination....but since I was always too lazy to copy any1 I eventually ended up just sounding like me lol.

This tone was different than other things ive done. For this one I pulled the ooollllddd Zoom 510 DualDriver out of the drawer where its been for, ohhh, 16 years? This was the Zoom into the Line6 amp on clean channel. One zoom preset on left ch and a different one on right ch.

I didnt like the tone at first because it was "distant" even though it didnt have reverb. I got used to it though and added a little more reverb lol
September 19 2014 04:52:07
SlimdaverSlimdaver Sounds like good, that's all that matters it sounds like!

September 19 2014 04:48:30
cody trippcody tripp awesome


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