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I would like to hear your solo instrument here!! πŸ™ It is a somewhat strange drums beat that I generate with a loop adapted to the keys of the Upright/Keys sound on live record... ;) I think work...


Very nice+1
April 09 2022 22:58:20
GlezBass Thanks so much Brad!! :) +0
Intriguing template Mario! B) :)+1
April 09 2022 22:58:04
GlezBass Many thanks Mike!! ;) +0
Beautiful<3 track Mario+1
April 09 2022 23:03:57
GlezBass the classic trio jazz sound! glad you like it Tony!!;) +1
Good one man jazz trio!+1
Utterly beautiful, Mario. Your drum playing is alone wonderful and we know it's you playing. When I return to Spain, can we please do a live session? When I'm back home you're about three hours from me. I'd be honoured if we could play together.+1
April 10 2022 09:20:59
GlezBass Many thanks Martin for your kindly words!! We can certainly set a date to move to where you live if you wish and we can play together. I think this option will be easier if we can play in your home studio by having your instrument assembled there, I can easily take my bass and the amplifier...
If you have a friend from the area guitarist or keyboardist we will have a lot of fun!!
By internal mail we are scheduling the appointment ;);)
Beautiful ;)+1
April 10 2022 18:24:12
GlezBass Many thanks Jean Paul!! ;) +0
GlezBass, thanks for fiddling on the sequencer. What came out is a stunner and I had to figure some way to add. I thought your trumpet was a MIDI placeholder but downloaded with headphones on I could tell I couldn't do better. I just got an Akai EWI that though Logic Pro has a descent sounding English Horn so that's what you are hearing. It is through new MIDI 2.0 which gives it better expression.
FILO974 was on Kompoz.com and I was delighted to hear his unique and gifted playing, so am looking forward to a new adventure here.
Thanks for putting this stunning work on!
Paul (day 1)
April 12 2022 09:36:21
GlezBass Many thanks for your kindly words Paul! The trumper is VSTΓ­ Kontakt play on the keys ;). I don't play real wind instruments (yet... ha ha). Welcome to WL! Phil is amazing music I have endless tracks of fun here with him!;) +0
Superb !!! <3<3<3+1
May 14 2022 22:20:41
GlezBass Thanks Phil!! :) +1

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