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vocals from 0:25 to 2:48 I should have told you, and maybe it’s old news. Picture the scene, same old routine. It’s not only my coffee getting colder and things laying heavy on my shoulders. There’s no doubt, there’s a whole lot to think about.. ... maybe in time... I’ll find a new way, my life is on replay. Make do or mend, even pretend. I’m sitting just watching days go by, don’t know should I laugh or should I ...


Just want to thank Shi for using my track. When I first checked out wikiloops I was hoping to eventually put something out good enough for her to work with. I am humbled by the power of creation. Makes the tedious aspects (like an hour removing finger squeaks)worth it+4
September 20 2014 10:58:06
Shi thank YOU Jonjon...real nice track to work with :) Glad you like :) +1
As much as we all love to jump in when hearing something beautiful...I really love the bare simplicity of this. Elegant. Kudos to both of you.+3
September 19 2014 22:16:28
Shi I appreciate that Wade, thank you :) +1
September 20 2014 00:21:06
JonJon Thanks Wade, the gift has been bottled up for MANY years. Wikiloops is really reminding me what a beautiful and powerful gift music is +0
Stunning:)totally adorable singing Shi!:)easy thumb!:):)+2
& there she goes again….
I ABSOLUTELY love this song, your voice & range fit in SO natural & effortlessly..
I'm sure this will attract some QUITE REMARKABLE adds & then… BOOM… on to my playlist !!
Love it Shi, thanks for sharing..
Very nice Shi!+2
Love it! :)+2
Grrat vocals Shi. The track is simple yet it has a very deep emotion. Nice guitar wotk JonJon...+2
very nice track, Shi and JonJon.+2
I like this a lot, very relaxing . Sing me to sleep Shi. LOL ! :D+2
super cool I could listen to Shi all day long easy on the ears what a voice+2
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