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JonJon100 jams Supporter
Remix step #2


Shi359 jams Supporter
Remix step #3 (playing)
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JonJon100 jams Supporter
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Shi, I hope u like it lol

Im a bit nervous to add harmonies to Shi's pretty voice but hopefully it worked out ok. All my parts are manually triple tracked (no harmonizer or doubler etc) then some reverb added. There is no way a single track of my voice would hold up against hers lol.

I reiterate that the whole outro is ripe for some creative string play or other instrumentation. There is all kinds of room there and the moodiness for some harmonic variety. If I had a keyboard with string sounds id add some odd harmony swells and other such stuff...maybe even some backwards swells

Peace, JJ


March 05 2017 21:33:12
I still like it :)
+1 March 05 2017 21:34:13 Shi JonJon
I hadnt studied singing yet when I added my stuff lol. We need to do a nice duet. Maybe I can throw together some new 12 string stuff
March 05 2017 21:34:47 Shi Shi
I'll be here :)
May 12 2016 08:17:42
Hey look! ANOTHER track where you get more thumbs than people who LIVE on this site 24 hours a day for years on end! GOOD JOB JON. YOu don't realize it but you have been received very well here. You are a perfectionist so you want like 1,000 thumbs, but I think you've been recognized as a great musician already. CHEER UP DUDE

October 26 2014 02:55:57
absolutely love the harmony!! JonJon, don't sell yourself short...this was fantastic!
+1 October 26 2014 02:58:05 Cyndie JonJon
thanks, means a lot. It was all pretty rushed. I have a tendency to have to get things finished in one go etc. Been playing guitar 26 years...only tried singing fairly recently
September 20 2014 19:31:39
Beautiful :)

September 20 2014 13:02:35
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler
beauty! It was my dream to sing with Shi,but I don´t have so nice voice as you:)
+1 September 20 2014 13:35:21 Lenny Cowler JonJon
after triple tracking until like 3am my voice aint so nice now lol. Sounds like there is a family reunion of frogs in my throat
September 20 2014 13:45:38 Lenny Cowler Lenny Cowler
still better than my ruined from cigarette :)
September 20 2014 13:55:19 Lenny Cowler JonJon
mine ruined from neglect lol. People are like "wait, its a man's name but it sounds like 2 girls singing?"
September 20 2014 10:59:24
nice to hear you sing jj ! :)

September 20 2014 08:19:02
sehr schön, von euch allen ;o)

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