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The idea for these lyrics came when walking through a willow grove on the shores of a lake. I wanted a traditional Celtic folk type of sound for the track and although two people have given me their musical concepts, I have yet to find a backing that is (in my opinion) a perfect match. So I thought I would upload the vocal track. When writing the lyrics I was envisioning an historical sweet naive country lass who against better judgement has given herself to her beau before he sails to war and now looks to face the consequences of her actions
I hope its ok to post just vocals...if not please tell me and I will take it down,
Thanks in advance for taking a listen


June 17 2016 01:57:03
WanHuWanHu Wow. Great performance! Reminds me of June Tabor.:)

July 22 2015 01:39:48
ToadCruncherToadCruncher Hard to believe I haven't come across your sessions until now.
Welcome to wiki. This is AWESOME!

+0 July 22 2015 04:27:04 ToadCruncherMorganLeFey
thank you so much for you kind words :D
March 30 2015 13:58:15
BluesbuddaBluesbudda really cool morgan...sometimes it reminds me on Melanie or Joan Baetz :-)
+1 March 30 2015 21:33:42 BluesbuddaMorganLeFey
that is strong praise indeed, thank you very much sir
December 27 2014 15:13:46
TelemetryTelemetry Great vocal. :)

December 17 2014 16:20:12
mic1011mic1011 Hey Morgan! This track is showing up on the homepage as one of the "highly rated" tracks.

Pretty awesome!

October 31 2014 02:57:08
heliandrosheliandros so deep in my heart you left your notes
thx for this tune

+2 November 05 2014 23:09:10 heliandrosMorganLeFey
wow that is such a nice thing to say thank you
December 17 2014 16:20:33 heliandrosmic1011
Best comment ever
October 29 2014 19:21:31
MrtwarrMrtwarr Sung very nicely!
+1 October 29 2014 20:24:28 MrtwarrMorganLeFey
many thanks that is very kind
October 19 2014 04:58:05
texassontexasson I can't even describe how much I love this.Beautiful voice and great song. Big Thumb!
+1 October 19 2014 05:10:52 texassonMorganLeFey
wow that is so very nice of you to say thank you
October 19 2014 05:18:06 texassontexasson
It's my Irish side and the love of it.
October 19 2014 05:23:23 texassonMorganLeFey
I am always looking for Celtic styled folk tracks to write to. I have one set of lyrics that are probably way too long but that tends to be a fault of mine as I kind of write stories lol and another couple of lyrics that could do with some music. I had written lyrics to a track someone had posted somewhere else, only to be told by someone who didn't want me to get into trouble, that it wasn't original music, it was actually an old trad. folk song.
October 07 2014 01:32:19
OliVBeeOliVBee very cool !

October 07 2014 01:03:45
jamladyjamlady es ist wunderschön,graziös und doch natürlich aus dem Herzen gesungen
+0 October 07 2014 03:44:06 jamladyMorganLeFey
vielen Dank für einen schönen Kompliment (hope that translated ok)

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