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Thanks to Mr Adams for the great drum track

Pretty obvious who the influence is here. This was about 4 hours work total after sitting down from scratch with just a drum track. Like several of my tracks it ends just when it is getting good.

Lots of good tonalities and twists and turns when you realize its just one guitar part doubled with no overdubs etc. I used to write some similar stuff back in the 90s (4 track lol) and though this particular one is obviously Zeppish there is also an influence from the BulletBoys for instance the song "When Pigs Fly" has some similar ideas and general approach

The drum track (Mr Adams 8500) is basically v/ch/v/ch/v. Since it ended on a verse I didnt want to just repeat the same verse part for the 3rd time so I came up with a new part. Naturally it is the best part of the song lol and after 20 secs its over.

Its gtr left, one gtr right, playing the same parts except for the nice inadvertent mistakes which I left in for flavor. There


September 22 2014 07:43:17
KeitonKeiton Super JonJon :)

September 21 2014 23:53:04
nuno1959nuno1959 Downloaded, i LOVE IT !!

September 21 2014 23:31:34
francisco alfrancisco al legal
+1 September 21 2014 23:38:16 francisco alJonJon
Thanks Mano
September 21 2014 16:26:13
incivanpicoincivanpico cool guitar JJ:)nicely mixed!, big thumbs m8!:)
+1 September 21 2014 16:31:03 incivanpicoJonJon
Thanks bro. yeah the mixing, im still learning. for instance im clueless on compression and stuff like gating etc. Semi clueless on EQ. I try to get the guitars loud enough to hear but not overpower the drums. I want the drums to do most of the work lol.

It helps to have the guitars panned out wide left/right to leave plenty of room for drums/bass

Only started using my first DAW like 65 days ago lol
September 21 2014 16:37:07 incivanpicoincivanpico
hey JJ:) I do the same thing m8! I like the drums to be forward un I try to let the rhythm guitars sound get heard...sometimes when ya get right you hear the harmonic undertone as you play lead!:)that's wat I go looking for!:):)
September 21 2014 16:40:08 incivanpicoJonJon
well so far I havent done any wikiloops where I do rhythm AND lead etc. I played lead on 23476 but I didnt play or mix that rhythm track.

I just havent gotten around to building a full song yet.

So far im only mixing rhythm parts and I sound ok because there is so much room to play with lol
September 22 2014 00:27:13 incivanpicoDick
hehe just drop the "gates" from your clueless-list, you will not need any playing guitar - gates are used to shut down mics to avoid them catching unwanted signals, for example if you mic a drumset or anything else including many mics
September 21 2014 16:06:53
aduadu cool guitar Mr. :)
+1 September 21 2014 16:10:11 aduJonJon
thanks Adu
September 21 2014 13:41:34
JonJonJonJon wow, I was really driven to despair this morning upon a fresh listening of this track. The chair I sit on when recording is terrible for squeaking and it is sitting right next to the amp/microphone in my cramped "studio."

So Im listening back to the track and I hear what I think are massive chair squeaks at 1:06 and 2:25. I reluctantly boot up my Reaper to see if I cant edit the squeaks out and then re-upload the track. (which I consider totally amateurish)

Long story short, I find that the "squeaks" arent chair squeaks at all but a little hi-hat accent lol. They occur at 2:25 and 1:06 which is in the exact same spot of the chorus where I have played the Gm6 chord.

So I wont jump into the river today, but between the squeaky chair and the AC unit kicking on I may eventually be driven to madness

+1 September 21 2014 23:52:09 JonJonnuno1959
:D The ''joys'' of home recording in a most entertaining story :D
well…. amusing if it doesn't happen to us, right ?
But don't despair with such a great set of skills & tone &… NO ONE is going to pay attention to them tiny details !! ;)
September 21 2014 12:38:29
bhunt1bhunt1 Yeah love the tone and playing!

September 21 2014 12:32:07
mulambomulambo great composition, killer guitar tone, well done!
+1 September 21 2014 16:15:22 mulamboJonJon
Thanks Mulambo. I like the word "composition"...that means id be just as happy to hear someone else play it as long as I wrote it lol
September 21 2014 10:00:01
jmrukkersjmrukkers Cool


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