Comin to get you Gregorian style

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well, there are 9 layered vocals on the bridge now. I couldnt hit the lowest note for the life of me but I think if folks have ANY sense of humor they will enjoy this one
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Gregorian, chant, layered, overdubs


Those chants make it even more heavy metal haha. I like it!+2
Wow nice sound I like it :)+2
:D Good fun JJ, GREAT !! :D+2
nice1;)cool stuff JJ:)+2
nicely done+2
September 22 2014 23:13:01
JonJon it needed one more higher voice for a little counterpoint but, alas, time prevented and im probably too lazy to revisit it lol.

Its sort of tongue in cheek like maybe Frank Z would do
sounds a bit like the hobbits of the lord of the rings joined upon this jam! is that you, bilbo? :D+2
September 25 2014 04:02:29
JonJon funny, I was just looking at a music vid of LOTR today...but that had nothing to do with this track. In addition to just vocal experimenting etc and listening to Gregorian chant, this song here had some influence +0
Cool and crazy funny ;)+2
April 24 2016 19:28:11
JonJon hehe, yeah, Frank Zappa probably would have liked it +2
April 24 2016 19:36:17
JonJon so far I have resisted actually laying down vocals for this. The lyrics I had on my head would have been spoof lyrics about living in a monastery in the dark ages lol +1
April 24 2016 19:40:45
adu :D +1
supercool ;o)+1
April 24 2016 19:22:35
JonJon lol, lotta fun on that one +1
I like your "outside the box" approach here JJ. Well done!+1
April 24 2016 19:28:46
JonJon one of those late night things lol. (my poor apartment neighbors) +1
April 24 2016 19:29:42
PaulBOwens Charge them money to listen ;) +1
April 24 2016 19:32:52
JonJon more like hope they dont call the cops. of course I had one headphones so ALL they were hearing was me overdubbing those lines one at a time over and over lol. They were probably picturing me in a cape doing some ritual lol +0

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