Lives meshed together in Love

Remix step #3


cody tripp1134 jams
Remix step #4 (playing)


Babbazitt1565 jams Supporter
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Totally redunant guitar from me - just wanted to be part of this beautiful mesh of two beautiful songs.


December 02 2014 20:52:03
R1772R1772 Wonderful tune - your guitar is great too, Babbazitt

September 25 2014 22:24:25
BabbazittBabbazitt Forgot to post the lyrics!!!!:

She walks down the aisle
in her white wedding dress.
Dreams of 'happy ever after'
will end up sooo much less.

Wonder if you'll miss me?
Or notice I am gone?

Well I see your tears baby.
And the sadness from his lies.
Everything is crashing down
right before your eyes.
When you've had enough.
And tired of everything.
I'll be waiting right here baby
with a wedding ring.

Dammit man...take a look around.
Tell me what you see ?
I hope that you enjoy the view cause
it won't be shared by me.

Well I see your tears baby.
And the sadness from his lies.
Everything is crashing down
right before your eyes.

Please look and really see me.
And how much I cared for you.
Dammit man !!

Wonder if you'll miss me?
Wonder if you'll miss me?
Wonder if you'll miss me?

September 25 2014 01:25:09
KeitonKeiton Good atmosphere Ian :) I feel the impact of Gary Moore everywhere. Cool one! :)

September 23 2014 21:36:56
AnneCozeanAnneCozean good use of restraint here, Ian. nice soars and falls. you add to Cody's torment nicely.

September 23 2014 09:16:59
UloisiusUloisius sehr schööön ;o)

September 23 2014 06:13:16
francisco alfrancisco al legal

September 23 2014 01:29:19
cody trippcody tripp cool Ian. What did you use for the tone. it's killer
+1 September 23 2014 21:43:45 cody trippBabbazitt
I'll send you a screenshot in an email Cody
September 23 2014 22:33:54 cody trippcody tripp
I got it thanks. Is that an app for your phone?
September 23 2014 22:46:36 cody trippBabbazitt
no it's from my multi-effect pedal
September 23 2014 22:49:15 cody trippcody tripp
that's looks cool
September 23 2014 00:17:42
RickplayerRickplayer wow what a wonderful sounding guitar Ian well played
+1 September 23 2014 00:32:57 RickplayerBabbazitt
I did not want to be intrusive but felt that one of my new sounds I've being tinkering with could sort of blend in
September 23 2014 02:35:04 RickplayerRickplayer
great job sounds cool

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