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This tune started as a simple swing guitar practice and I never expected that many loopers to join. There were many great adds and today I tried to bring things together for a swing party. Sorry that I couldn't bring in everybody but that would be too hard for my limited mixing skills. This one features (in alphabetical order): bassman78fr (b), hartmut (vib), Itocpogo (sax), PJE (dr), rootshell (voc), SoulFingers (g). Let's swing ;)
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Swing, Hot Swing


sounds so good Michael, a definite download when i get home...such a cool listen, love all the parts <3 :Y
May 05 2022 07:45:15
SoulFingers What a great imagination to play this stuff in a classic club with all the guys wearing suits on stage and people tapping their feet and dance :Y +2
May 05 2022 18:11:36
rootshell forgot to mention, great mix as well Michael :) looped this like 20 times on my drive home last night :Y +2
May 05 2022 21:44:43
SoulFingers Yes, all of you did such a great job and almost all tracks are available in HD. That made mixing a lot easier Nick :W +2
May 05 2022 21:45:54
rootshell i was thinking that too, always helps when you have the single HD tracks. i myself often forget to add them. i need to try and remember to include them for mixing, etc :) +1
May 05 2022 21:54:07
SoulFingers I always like to listen to an isolated track before uploading. Often this results in better quality. ;) +1
May 05 2022 22:03:57
rootshell too bad we can't "tag" members when a new remix like this happens. i probably would have missed this gem had you not PM'd me. maybe in a future version of the loops we'll be able to :) +1
May 05 2022 22:06:29
SoulFingers Full agreement... I'm just sending out PMs to the guys so they can enjoy the party too :Y +1
Yeah this is cool!! Sounds good Michael. :D+2
May 04 2022 21:39:15
SoulFingers I'm surprised what came out... so many good musicians here :W:Y +2
May 04 2022 21:40:46
Ernie440 Yep... amazing how it built. I guess it goes to show us, sometimes a "little" thing can really take off!! :D +1
May 04 2022 21:45:37
SoulFingers Yes... you don't need to be a genius, if you share a vision that others will pick up then everybody will contribute her/his best and everybody is happy. That's a lot more than a one man show will ever be :D +1
May 04 2022 23:19:46
Ernie440 That's very true in most cases but I'm not sure about this! :D hehe

May 05 2022 07:45:51
SoulFingers Where is the sound for this? :D +1
May 05 2022 15:34:41
Ernie440 well it's an anigif bro, they don't have sound ..:O I believe it's from an Old Spice commercial ... here I found it LOL
May 05 2022 16:14:06
SoulFingers Haha, our WL drummers have to check this out! I wonder how this guy would play a guitar :D +1
May 05 2022 18:20:37
Ernie440 Hopefully not like this! :O

May 05 2022 21:46:16
SoulFingers If he has a threading on his special guitar stand there will eiter be a painful sudden stop if he carries on like that... or he will drop the instrument. Both could end in a mess :D +1
May 05 2022 22:42:16
Ernie440 LOL!! hehehe :D +1
Excellent Michael, fine creativity and super mix, very honoured to be included amongst such great company, thank you my friend:W:)+2
May 05 2022 22:21:30
SoulFingers Thanks for bringing in your great Swing drumming Peter :W:Y +0
<3 Song of the Day! :) That is super+2
May 06 2022 01:31:29
SoulFingers And that vibraphone goes well with it Hartmut ;) +1
WOW!!!!! You did an EXCELLENT job creating cool swinging art, Michael!!!!!!! This is extremely swinging class!!!!! I am honored to be include with these Incredible musicians!!!+2
May 06 2022 01:30:54
SoulFingers I'm very happy that this place features so many good musicians from almost any musical style. Old school hot swing and jump blues is one of my fav styles Dan ;) +0
A bunch of talent right here. Killer track SoulFingers :D :Y :Y+1
May 06 2022 01:27:36
SoulFingers Looks like the right people were at the right place in the right time. Lots of fun ;):Y:) +1
Great mix.
I had a lot of fun contributing to this jam.
And the effect that rootshell gave to his voice is quite a find.
Absolutely in the spirit of the recordings of the time. :):W
May 06 2022 01:37:28
SoulFingers Yes, Nicks voice sounds exactly like through a very old valve PA. Having some fun it's what the swing is about ;-) And all the mixed in adds already had excellent sound quality so almost no EQing was needed. ;) +1
Who is this splendid & way too short lead guitar starting at minute 1:46, I may politely ask full of gnawing envy :) inspiring!+1
May 07 2022 16:03:30
SoulFingers Hi hartmut, that was me trying to fiddle a little solo in jump blues style ;) +1
May 07 2022 16:04:05
hartmut fiddle more plse. :D, you're good man! +1
May 07 2022 16:07:02
SoulFingers I'll try me best in the future ;) +1

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