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Hey Guys, I am looking for someone who wants to sing to that song. Would be also cool, if someone could replace the computer drums, with real drums. it still sounds a bit artificial The first verse starts at 32secs, the second at 1:44:00 mins The chorus is at 52secs, 2:04:00mins and finally at 3:28:00mins Also during the intro from 00:00 to 16:00 secs some nice rap would be cool. And a cry or something into the guit melody part
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Rock song, no idea what it sounds


p.s. this is my first upload. Apologies for any formal mistake. If someone needs a remix without drums happy to bounce it again with drums muted+0
Sounds good to me, especially when the guitars kick-in. I like the half-time pace as it gives it power. Great first track and welcome! :)+0
May 12 2022 11:57:34
Guitar61 Thanks a lot Bro. Making music is all about having fun. +0
Like it with the drums as well, Guitar61 - and you could also add instead of substract, meaning that you'd first upload the guitar or bass alone, and add on later remixes... only a hint :)+0
May 13 2022 12:49:43
Guitar61 Thanks, Good hint. Will do next time. I was initially only looking for vocals, but then thought someone could add real drums to it as well +1
sounds great :), welcome to WL :). You could upload the guitars as an HD file and note here for drummers that the HD file is without drums. It usually takes a while for people to notice your tracks. In any case, I wish you a lot of fun here :)+0
May 15 2022 11:42:07
Guitar61 Thanks a lot for the warm welcome and the tip. Will do next time. I love this place. What a fantastic opportuniy to get to (virtually) know other fellow musicians:W +0
welcome to the loops from me Guitar61 :) cool sounds here:)+0

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