Think About It

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Hey mama.
Whatcha tryin' to do?
We have a little disagreement
And I getta cold shoulder from you.

You don't need to treat me the way you do
You need to give your man some lovin'.
You better think 'bout all I do for you.
Think about it baby. Oh yeah.
Honey you'll see it's true

You're so damn sensitive.
Cryin' 'bout every thing I do.
So I bring ya some flowers.
But it only makes ya stew.

You don't need to treat me the way you do
You need to give your man ...


Nice job desert man!:)+2
Nice job desert man!:)+2
As always. Simply great Cod!! ;)+2
very cool Song ;o)+2
very cool indeed!!!+2
agait perfect singing:)+2
super cool little David Crosby action+1
Loving the vocals Cody, they get more relaxed and better and better with each track. Nice one mate :)+1
Nice job desert man!:)+1
Nice job desert man!:)+1

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