If Tomorrow War Starts

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Slimdaver211 jams

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Lyrics are by SlonMusic. This is an example of some vocals for an Anti-War Song. Add to this or do your own from scratch. See the Forum "hey there".
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War Ant-War Peace


Great song Dave. There will be more songs like this to come. Kaipa and I have something we're planning. We need to spread the message of peace and hope. This whole war is heavy on our hearts. I wish we could just end all this madness. We are all brothers and sisters here. To everyone here on wikiloops I am forever your friend and ally

Peter V
September 27 2014 07:15:45
Slimdaver Well said Peter! +0
September 28 2014 14:08:32
nuno1959 Count me in as well !! +1
Nice song Slim !!
Unfortunately & for some time now, it's not a question ''IF'' another war starts or not - they've been going on PERMANENTLY around the globe, under one excuse or another !!

Problem is ( & this IS NOT aimed at any country in particular, since they all seem to ''dabble in it'' in one way or another.. ) so called ''civilised countries'' these days tend to battle it out against themselves in somebody else's backyard leaving to them the doubtful privilege of burying their dead, patching their wounded & rebuild their ruined countries…

But hey, as long as weapons get sold, right ? & somebody goes laughing all the way to the bank, of course….

In the 21st century !! UN-BLOODY-REAL !!
its greath!!!
It is the very foundation of big hit!! Perfect idea :)
beautiful ;o)+1
A song from the heart for the heart :)+1
The mood of this music is all over all "happy"...?!+1
September 29 2014 06:34:02
Slimdaver I tried for happy and sad all at the same time. +0
September 29 2014 13:30:41
Neronick maybe you like to have a look at my no. 24745 with some lyrics +0
I like it!+1
Beautiful song,Slimdaver.Thank you for your pacifism!
In fact, all we have to do as much as possible for peace on Earth...
cool song Slim!:) I like Peter V's comment!:) thumbs m8!:)+0

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