Its a Love Thing

Remix step #2 (playing)
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Vocal addition to #24497 by GlezBass. I had a tough time with this one, getting the levels right. I realize that I do not have the right voice for this track. I like my idea for the phrasing and the lyrics but maybe someone else will give the vocal a try. Please do... This was lots of fun but after many many takes, I thought...well good enough to give everyone the Idea of what I wanted to lay down. I hope you enjoy, and feel free to add your talents...PLEASE!


October 09 2014 05:57:30
francisco alfrancisco al perfeito vocal com grande apoio

October 09 2014 03:37:17
RonnieRayRonnieRay Ooooh the G MAN!! soft as velvet and smoooooth as silk!
+1 October 09 2014 13:23:59 RonnieRayglennp
Thanks Ronnie Ray...
October 01 2014 06:32:57
rastafarirastafari Man your great
+1 October 01 2014 12:47:50 rastafariglennp
Thanks Rasta...
September 29 2014 08:04:01
mike_mp-1mike_mp-1 I agree with Mulambo, having your own style and being yourself is a great thing to have, and especially if you keep at it Glenn, only going to get better, Great stuff...
+1 September 29 2014 13:26:29 mike_mp-1glennp
Thanks Mike...very kind of you to say...
September 29 2014 03:34:35
MorganLeFeyMorganLeFey lovely laid back listen :D

September 28 2014 17:27:57
nuno1959nuno1959 Very smooth… ;)
+1 September 28 2014 18:57:32 nuno1959glennp
Thanks nuno...
September 28 2014 03:31:29
SlonMusicSlonMusic soft and sweet one!! Your vocals is very nice
+1 September 28 2014 03:46:29 SlonMusicglennp
Thanks Steve...Thanks for the complement...
September 28 2014 02:29:30
akethesnakerakethesnaker Can imagine this is a difficult one:) I think you do it good! I would never even try:D
+1 September 28 2014 03:47:57 akethesnakerglennp
Thank you Ake...It was tough but fun...
September 28 2014 00:07:27
RickplayerRickplayer super
+1 September 28 2014 01:49:20 Rickplayerglennp
Thanks rick...
September 28 2014 01:53:18 RickplayerRickplayer
Welcome glennp
September 27 2014 20:39:49
mulambomulambo brother, do not undervalue your style. having a own style is a bless, wherever you sing, is you singing! great rendition here!
+2 September 27 2014 21:09:20 mulamboglennp
thanks for the kind words and encouragement

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