Schlafe mein Prinzchen

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Maybe unnecessary guitar from me but.../Vielleicht unnötige Gitarre von mir, aber ....
From Uloisius:
The idea of GlezBass to play a little "nana" I found awesome.
A real lullaby I've always wanted to sing again, here is finally my chance: o)

As a text, I have chosen one of the most well-known lullabies from the German, classical literature, "Sleep my little prince" by Friedrich Wilhelm Gotter.

The classic setting of the text was known as "Lullaby" to a melody by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (K. 360).

I have allowed myself the text that actually from the play "Esther" comes detach from this Mozart melody and interpret freely on the bass line of GlezBass.

I hope you like it ;o)

Schlafe, mein Prinzchen, schlaf ein!
Es ruhn Schäfchen und Vögelein
Garten und Wiese verstummt
auch nicht ein Bienchen mehr summt
Luna mit silbernem Schein
gucket zum Fenster herein.
Schlafe beim silbernem Schein


February 17 2015 01:51:12
BabbazittBabbazitt English Translation:

Sleep, my little prince, sleep!
Lambs and small birds are quiet.
The garden and the meadow are silent.
Not even a bee buzzes.
The moon with its silvery light
Peeks here in the window.
Sleep in the silvery light;
Sleep, my Prinzchen, sleep!
Sleep on, sleep on

Everyone in the castle is already abed;
Everyone is cradled in slumber.
Not even the little mouse is stirring.
The cellar and the kitchen are empty.
Only in the maid's quarters
Do you hear a soft "Oh"!
Why could this be?
Sleep, my Prinzchen, sleep!
Sleep on, sleep on

Who could be luckier than you?
Nothing but pleasure and rest,
With toys and sweets enough,
And your carriage ready.
Everyone concerned and ready,
All so my little prince won't cry.
What will the future bring?
Sleep, my Prinzchen, sleep!
Sleep on, sleep on

+0 February 17 2015 01:56:00 BabbazittBabbazitt
Melodie: lange W. A. Mozart (KV 350), dann Bernhard Flies zugeschrieben, nach neueren Forschungen von Friedrich Anton Fleischmann (1766–1798)
Text: Friedrich Wilhelm Gotter (1746–1797), aus dem Schauspiel Esther 1796
September 29 2014 03:11:55

September 28 2014 18:15:03
ShiShi how sweet :)

September 28 2014 04:24:33
cody trippcody tripp cool

September 28 2014 04:17:45
francisco alfrancisco al muito bom

September 28 2014 01:24:05
RickplayerRickplayer cool

September 28 2014 00:56:07
UloisiusUloisius schöne Gitarre Ian ;o)
+1 September 28 2014 00:59:43 UloisiusBabbazitt

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