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Blues solo a la Jeff Beck
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Beck style


Oh! how sweet is this!:)...nice work Buran:)+1
nice guitaring ! i can clearly hear some Jeff Beck influence here :)+1
September 29 2014 20:07:50
Buran70 Yes!, Even if the Satch tries always to take over all my fingers... +1
September 29 2014 20:11:22
OliVBee don't let them own you !! let your style speak ;) +1
big thumb!!!!!!!!!!+1
sweet !!!!+1
Really nice…but since probably everyone said that, I’ll be terrible arrogant and point out to get even better (anyway this is what I said to my students):
Tell a story in your solo. Many musicians play an instrument because they can’t sing or can express their feelings better by playing an instrument.Start, develop and end, just like a story.
Try to get a feeling in your notes;soft,mumble,outrageous,determined…don’t play notes you’re not aware off.
Playing is like singing;..breath!,silence speaks sometimes louder than notes and when you talk sometimes you say words fast and sometimes slow,variate in speed.
Oh,….never mind……..forget what I just wrote…you play fantastic!
September 29 2014 22:19:03
Buran70 Don't worry, it is an interesting comment! I agree with you... the feeling is all in the music...the technique only as a tool to transmit something, this is the difference between me - a good performer (I hope so!!!) and a real musician / artist. +1
September 29 2014 22:47:25
fanne believe me,you got it +1
nice playing :)+1
What did i say before ? Yup, a STUNNER !!+1
Nice playing! Very much Beck in this;)+0
Can't go wrong with Jeff Beck influences. But I also hear many other influences as well. You listen to a lot of other guitarist and mix a bit of them all. I like that. I try to do the same thing :)+0

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