Love Has Buried Me

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Plenty of room at the end for a solo ~

I use to have such high hopes.
Naive and so confused.
But time changed everything.
Futility has been infused.

I sit here wondering.
Where everything went wrong.
But I realize now babe.
No longer in your life do I belong.

Now I search but can not find.
In my heart builds this ache.
All my dreams have been destroyed.
Gave you everything and all you did was take.

Love has buried me.
Bound in this cold cold dark.
I see no light at all.
On my ...


Perfect Cody:)+3
Uh! Nice! :)+3
Awesome cody!, cool lyrics m8!;)+2
dramatic, cool, thumb! :)+2
Awesome cody!:)+2
real nice from Dafunkydrummer and Dan and fine vocals and lyrics Cody sung with emotion :)+2
I have no idea how I didn't see this remix....DAMN is this cool. Cody you rock my friend. Thanks for taking this to a whole new and awesome place!!! :)+2
Love it+2
Great lyrics cody :)+1
Yes.. 24911 was "empty":) now is "full" :) ok. Great+1

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