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Added 3 lead guitar solos and some 3 part harmony volume swells at the beginning. Not my best night of playing but some of it is ok. The nasty 2 note bend at 2:51ish made the nights work worth the effort lol Hope someone out there enjoys it, Peace, JJ
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Shi vocal, lead guitar, solos, vibrato, tone


Awesome JonJon :)+1
interesting twist and sound ... cool guitaring ! a rock'n roll guitar woulda never been my first pick hehe ... thanks for the ride !+1
October 02 2014 20:35:13
JonJon Well I have a quota of notes/month and I am lacking some notes so I made them up here. 13 tracks and I have only played lead twice? My lead playing has slipped some in the last month lol.

Seriously though I think the leads did pick up the energy a bit and then when they stop it comes down perfectly to her vocal etc
October 02 2014 20:42:11
OliVBee i'm glad you can have fun around and keep your lead well trained ;) +1
October 02 2014 20:59:26
JonJon there is almost a directly inverse relationship between lead playing and songwriting. If you have 2 hours after work 4-5 nights per week and you spend that writing and recording and mixing....when are you going to practice lead playing? Its a big tradeoff +1
October 02 2014 21:03:55
OliVBee and you can believe me when i say : i so know what you're talking about ;) +1
Is listening to this over 10 times like I have a......sin?+1
Wuau that sounds cool fusion of more !!! congratulations, the guitar tone and voice of the jam Shi make magic+1
Thanks OlivBee, Shi and JonJon for the great job!! "Sentir la musica..." hehe+1
muito legal+1
2 years on wiki went by fast+0
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