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Hi everyone, Loch Ness 🦕 (created long ago nameless & no copyright, from my friend Joost - Netherland, with flute, bagpipe, choir & violins, remixed from me for only this occasion). I hope the bagpipe won't cause problems for your ears :) Sorry, I wanted to include and share this template because I like it a lot :) I hope you like it too, many thanks for to see & listening :)
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Very lovely and seeming like a cinematic journey. Bagpipes? Well they're OK a few hills away. We've got to remember that they were appropriately used to get people in the mood for killing each other!+1
August 25 2022 10:59:45
FDLDJ Hi Wade, I'm glad you like it :) but I'm sorry, as you write, that the bagpipe has a bad reputation because it has been used appropriately to get people to kill each other. The fault is not his, I believe that the bagpipe is a beautiful musical instrument (after all like all musical instruments) it is very suggestive that at times it makes the soul vibrate :) +1
August 25 2022 22:24:21
Wade The Irish bagpipe is a lovely instrument. The Scottish version (for me) is an aversion. At around 110 dB it's OK if very far away. +1
August 25 2022 23:16:48
FDLDJ Yes it is true what you write, the Scottish is quite tall, I also like the Irish which is softer but as you know there are several types, for this bagpipes I rely on a VST program (in my opinion very nice and useful) EMM-Knagalis Ethnic Melodic Virtual Instrument ;) +1
August 26 2022 08:55:00
MikeyJ ….. and for laments also.I think they’re like marmite (vegimite?) You either love or hate .If you have any Celtic blood like me you tend to love them, the sound stirs the soul and connects with your roots.If not I can see why they’re not to everyone’s taste ! +2
August 26 2022 10:54:50
FDLDJ ...marmite (vegimite?) :D
I am aware of it and I agree with you, but at the same time with respect to those who disagree :) I think I too have Celtic blood because the sensations make my soul vibrate with certain bagpipes ... like you write, up to move me :)
This is absolutely magnificent and brings me almost to tears it is so beautiful .The ‘bagpipes’ you are using are actually Irish Uilleann pipes which are bellows blown rather than mouth blown like the Scottish bagpipes but no matter the sound is beautiful and fits well with the track.
Wade is correct the Scots used the bagpipes in battle as they can be played stirringly but equally they can be played with great beauty .Many laments have been written for the pipes.
Link to my favourite piece for Uilleann pipes played by the great Davy Spillane
August 26 2022 10:48:30
FDLDJ Hi Mikey, yes I agree and thank you very much for the video of Davi Spillane's great performance ;) +1
Another atmospheric track that reminds me of Scotland. I think real bagpipes here would have been better but we can't have everything. Lovely stuff!+1
September 04 2022 00:32:17
FDLDJ Hi Peter, yes I agree with you, I really like the sound of the bagpipes and I think I will soon create another Celtic themed template. Thank you for seeing and hearing :) +1
Loch Ness - Highland - Scotland UK

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