GIRLS LIKE ME (mulambo's Resistence)

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I really liked this music, and this popped out today. thank you, Luis- it's a wonderful mood!!
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i want what i see


you can run and you can try to hide
but i'm on to you boy i've made up my mind
you're gonna love me like you've never loved before
you're gonna fall so hard for me
you'll want me more and more and more
resistance is futile there's nothin you can do
i know what i want and honey what i want is you
don't care about the girl you're with she can see that look in my eye cut her loose now while you still can or somebody's gonna cry
girls like me know what they want
a girl like me wants a boy like you
girls like me get know they want
a girl like me wants a boy like you
don't try and deny it i'm your destiny
no matter how fast you run
you can't get away from me
oh yeah you're gonna love me
doesn't matter what you say
you can squirm and fidget all you want
i always get my way
Rocks - 'Resistance is futile'+1
October 06 2014 17:19:08
AnneCozean thanks for checking us out, Joe. 8) +2
Girls like you can rock in a mystic way+1
October 06 2014 17:19:49
AnneCozean thank you, Nick! glad you liked it. 8) +0
Die power Anne!+1
October 06 2014 21:26:58
AnneCozean thank you, jamlady - your reviews make me smile...8) +1
Anne, WOW, your vocals make this song come alive, must listening!+1
October 06 2014 23:20:47
AnneCozean thank you, Dan. (and your little dog, pogo, too...:) appreciate your feedback! +0
oh Anne, thank you very very much for singing in my track! makes me really happy! the vocals are awesome!!+1
October 06 2014 23:21:27
AnneCozean well i told you this got me twitching - only way to stop was to sing this. thank YOU, Luis! +2
Wonderful mood indeed!+1
great sound+1
Such a great sound form you both, vocals are outstanding as usual....+1
outstanding voice as allways, Anne, like it a lot :)+1
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