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Hi everyone, Funky Mello 🧃 playful template with Funk (all tracks are not copyrighted and are licensed for free) good listening :)


For some reason your template reminded me of Steinski and What Does It All Mean? but all the videos are unavailable. But there's this one:
September 16 2022 21:28:25
FDLDJ Hi Peter, I honestly don't know :) maybe Steinski reminded you of some similar drum passages from my template :) thank you for listening ;) +1
September 16 2022 21:47:54
BB6 I think it was the way you played lots of different sounds and riffs all in the same song, and drums too. I totally loved that record when it came out. Broke all kinds of copyrights though so lucky to have that track on youtube :-) +1
September 16 2022 22:19:48
FDLDJ Peter, you are right not to use copyright traces. :) I recently tested algorithm tracks with the mixer, but they were copyrighted, luckily I noticed this before and immediately deleted them and it won't happen again. Now, all the tracks I have available are not copyrighted and are licensed for free, including the ones I used in this template. Today anyone can create great templates even if you don't know how to play any instruments but you need to know the right programs well and spend a lot of time for creating templates. Thanks for your attention :) +1
September 18 2022 15:24:17
BB6 I wasn't referring to any of your templates, FDLDJ. The Steinski album was such a blatant use of previous material that it might have been the one that brought a lot of attention to hip hop and copyright laws. But it is such a catchy creative use of existing material that it did deserve to be heard. It's great that wikiloops gives inventive creative minds the opportunity to remix to their heart's content :) +1

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