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Man, what is it with me & these funky beats, they just take over my brain & sets me in overdrive - too many notes & all BUT it's SO …. MUCH …. FUN !!! How can i seriously resist ? Plus it doesn't pay taxes but …. shhhhhh….let's keep that among ourselves otherwise you know what happens next…... Hope you guys enjoy this as much as i enjoyed playing it & MEGA CONGRATS to RickP for a SUPERB template - many ...


again a nunostyle track what i like :)+1
October 09 2014 21:15:33
nuno1959 Thank you Adu, this one was right UP MY ALLEY !!
RickP's guitar template absolutely NAILS IT !! ;)
groovin.....got me 16 seconds in :)+1
October 09 2014 21:14:42
nuno1959 AH damn…. still got to work towards getting you at the 5 second mark !! ;) +1
Sounding good! You're right in there. Almost wish you were up a little further in the mix though. Great funky feel that you compliment perfectly.+1
October 09 2014 21:18:14
nuno1959 Thanks Wade, it's a thrill you liked it ! ;)
I think i won't be exaggerating if i say this is one of the mixes i had most fun lately
October 09 2014 21:35:53
Wade For good reason! You are so tight in there that it's like you and Rick are one. Fine work. +0
October 09 2014 21:20:52
nuno1959 Thanks JM, superb fun this was… ;) +0
this is Fun :) like the goove nice tunes you played+1
October 09 2014 21:55:01
nuno1959 Glad you enjoyed that @Fresh - it's ''payback'' for all the tunes you upload & i enjoy so much !! ;) +1
Super groove like the flow of this thanks for adding your touch to this+1
October 09 2014 23:00:59
nuno1959 I thank YOU for your super exciting template my friend, what a blast !! ;) +0
October 10 2014 05:29:33
Rickplayer Thanks +0
Killer awesome+1
October 10 2014 11:33:15
nuno1959 Thanks Cody !
Modesty says i shouldn't but… i'll agree with you - it does sound FREAKIN' AWESOME !! :D
October 10 2014 17:14:09
MajorTom_III And you sound this awesome after a 20 year lay off. Unbelievable !!! +1
October 10 2014 17:22:12
nuno1959 Thanks man but you know what REALLY amazes me ?
It's how much i learned since i started playing again thanks to SO MANY EXTREMELY TALENTED PEOPLE posting tutorials/covers on YouTube, uploading their tunes here, Soundcloud & all over the place… ;)
Thank goodness there's an endless supply of wonderful music around us these days & that it's just SO DAMN INSPIRING !!

On the other hand, WHAT was i THINKING to stop playing for so long ?? :|
awesome Nuno:)+1
October 10 2014 11:33:51
Lenny Cowler
nuno1959 Thanks man, this one was too much fun doing, easy-peasy !! +1
very cool ;o)+1
October 10 2014 11:34:09
nuno1959 Thanks a lot my friend ! +0
Two bassist in symbiosis. We are waiting for the third to become like the three tenors. :)+1
October 10 2014 17:11:42
nuno1959 :D An all bass band, wouldn't that be something ? :D +1

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