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Okay! this ones about Mental Health....the path thatz unknown to many eh?....but really is in everyone(fact)...this place is Hell(people in white coats ect,..) for us(victims) its the Real Deal(no ShiT)..iv'e seen much of this(I don't ever hide this fact!)...itz a war zone!:)..Micheal Schenker(scorpions) was my vibe when writing this track:)Tony(rhythm guitar) un Scamp(vocal) did me proud;)incivanpico (lyrics)
This place is tough(un that's a real understatement)...I still pray for those still there!...anyway take 5 un pray for those front-line please!:)


January 19 2015 19:22:36
Incredible song!!! Wow :-)
+1 January 19 2015 23:42:20 Bobson incivanpico
cheerz Bud!;)
November 26 2014 01:51:57
I don't know what I listened many times this song...

November 24 2014 02:20:04
I think the feelings of this song are really deep, too the reason for live of people are always the power for still on the life. So I can understand well this feeling, because I know what is see bad condition of someone who you love, but continued with him everyday is more important for me, i admire youre song!!so good work
+2 November 24 2014 03:38:54 sachikomili incivanpico
Thankyou :)Sachikomili your thoughts are correct!.This was a difficult time for me:)
Thanx again for listening and leaving such a nice comment:):)
October 16 2014 18:22:32
Very nice
+1 November 24 2014 03:39:15 jmrukkers incivanpico
cheerz jm:)
October 16 2014 16:58:13
Oups! I missed this one, how could this been. Is this you, pico? What a awesome Track. Much repect for this one. And your german is very good ;) :)
+1 October 17 2014 13:59:53 adu incivanpico
Adu!, that's Scamp again on vocal, as Liverpool Lass song, I wrote the lyrics un with Tony we did this song!. Scamp made a mistake with the german lyrics at the beginning but I just let it be!;).It has been remixed by Mishteria so I was right to upload me thinks:):)
October 16 2014 08:55:07
Perfect pico:)
+1 October 16 2014 08:59:34 Keiton incivanpico
Thanx Bud!;)
October 16 2014 09:18:12 Keiton Keiton
I was overcome alcoholism 7 years ago. But I'm suffering from depression during the 17 years. I'm working seriously to music again met wikiloops. I have been helped by everyone here :)
October 16 2014 09:51:56 Keiton incivanpico
In late 2012 I committed Seppuku Kei:)I did not do it to the stomach I went straight for the heart, (12inch blade)...No Shit to some this is Crazy!:) but its the Battle ground m8!, I was air lifted via Air ambulance and I survived .....so I guess I went the whole 9 yards Bro!...anyway i'm still here and so are you:)...you are a brave person to reveal this, so I'll meet you half way my friend, i'm always here Kei!:):)
October 16 2014 10:53:46 Keiton Keiton
I would permanently save this song. Cheers! My Friend, that We are still alive :)
October 12 2014 12:37:19
Nice tune, nice mix, nice performances - very cool Pico ! ;)
See how i didn't forget ?….

+1 October 12 2014 13:12:21 nuno1959 incivanpico
haha! nuno:D cheerz m8!;)well cool:)
October 11 2014 14:34:35
well done :)
+1 October 11 2014 15:36:00 Shi incivanpico
Thanx Shi:)
October 11 2014 12:16:59
Very good,
+1 October 11 2014 12:23:43 gnoerreby incivanpico
cheerz gno!:)
October 11 2014 09:29:46
Great...P.S. Reminds me ....Michael played when I was teenie almost once a quarter in the 'Beat Club ' we went too every weekend. The beat club is located in a town called Langelsheim.....long time ago...first with the scorpions ...then with UFO.....
+1 October 11 2014 12:23:11 chrisbass incivanpico
Thanx chris!:)..hey! that must of been well cool m8! to see those guys back then!:):)

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