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Just a mellow keyboard thing I wrote that I jam over for messing around with phrasing and stuff that I thought would be cool for others to add on to :)
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Mellow Keys, Laid Back Jam, Jam track in Dm


very nice track Dan!:) love the vibe/feel of this, I've downloaded it, see what guitar instrumental I maybe can find:).+1
times no guitar in your hand and still good! I like this. :)+1
"when you love someone.......really love someone"

(some of you may figure out the reference from 1981)
October 17 2014 23:30:04
Danalyze45 Ugggghhh ...I got it Blahhhhhh :( depressed now. +1
October 18 2014 00:48:24
JonJon "from the moment I wake up, so deep in the night"

Dont be depressed lol. Great song to be compared to....Thomas Dolby was on synth by the way
October 18 2014 01:15:26
Danalyze45 lol...They were just one of those bands I necer ..."Appreciated" lolol :) +1
October 18 2014 05:36:50
JonJon Dirty White Boy is about as pure rock as it gets though. And Hot Blooded was one of the first songs that I noticed the guitar playing in when I was a kid +1
October 18 2014 07:06:48
Danalyze45 They were a victim of all the good bands that existed in that time and before them :) +1
October 18 2014 17:34:18
JonJon they had the one ballad "waiting for a girl like you" and it went to #2 opening up a new audience for them. It was sort of downhill from there lol. When a rock band gets a hit ballad its hard to not try to make those easy $$$ +1
October 18 2014 19:48:33
Danalyze45 = Def Leppard :) +1
October 18 2014 19:58:50
JonJon oh yeah, thats a sad one. Pyromania was just super classic...then they poured a bit too much sugar on it all. +1
October 18 2014 20:21:14
Danalyze45 I think the Scorpions were the only ones who seemed to get that balance "right"...they were able to incorporate the ballads yet remain a heavy band. Their ballads didn't seem forced to garner "sales" like other bands at the time. +1
October 18 2014 20:28:32
JonJon no doubt. VanHalen did ok to a point also. I was listening to "loving you Sunday morning" in the car the other day. Love when that Scorps crunch kicks in +1
Very cool template!+0
like it well done+0
Nice, should lend itself to lots of adds...+0
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