ISIS is not the nicest

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Fuck them! AAAAAAA Bluesrock made of an educated sniper


Nice guitar add Ake but i wish people would stop calling them ''Islamic State''..
They ARE NOT a state, just a gang of sociopathic criminals seeking cover to their despicable actions under a VERY TWISTED interpretation of a religion…
Plus they are an insult to every man & woman of good will AND common sense, including the 1.2 billion muslims that go about their lives on this planet, working, paying their taxes, raising/loving their families & friends without spewing hate right, left & centre…
Why do i say this ? Not because i'm an apologist for Islam but because i've travelled EXTENSIVELY by motorcycle through Islamic countries in the 70's & 80's ( before many of them became a buzzword.. ) & was ALWAYS made to feel welcome, even though i was OBVIOUSLY neither rich nor of the same persuasion…

Granted also stumbled on a few jerks during said travels but then again what part of the planet is ''Jerk Free'' ??
I support my brothers in this case even if they don`t have the same colours..
October 18 2014 01:05:31
akethesnaker Hey man! Cheers! I think I`m gonna do a visit in Arizona desert with motorbike... Is there anywone you wanna take care of?=? lol +1
Awesome!! good stuff man+1
October 18 2014 01:07:39
akethesnaker Your stuff is good to man! +1
Nice one ake... blues rock all the way!+1
October 18 2014 02:58:21
akethesnaker Thanks GlennP! You`re a very talent singer! Do you sing any other thing of stuff???? I sing in a group but this is what I`m really wanna sing,,, We sing covers for example Elvis and Pavarotti hahaha. I started like a Baryton but then they heard I`m a tenor,,, I love all types of music and thats make it easy!;) +1
Cool ake :)+1
i wud've dun it just like that ....if i'de've thought of it first!!
but no chorus for me ...just lots of valve!!:) nice one mate
With you on what you said brother.+1
October 18 2014 02:51:05
well said and played ake+1

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