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I Uploaded a mix of this the other day called "Lost my wallet". I don't think it allowed Ake's playing to dictate the result. So, I did this again intentionally trying to make a more basic bass line which would only at best complement Ake's original playing. I am aware that I tend to go off into outer space on a lot of tracks, so I really wanted to do something more "supportive".

In addition to the above info, I practiced this for hours last night, and got my first case of fretting hand cramping. I couldn't press down! My hand was toast. Same thing happened again tonight.

The following is the best I could do for now with a fretting hand that cannot push down anymore. This is harder to play than it sounds G to A, entirely on E string.

I hope this is better than "Lost my Wallet" because I killed my fretting hand to do it! :-P


October 19 2014 02:25:15
Good driving bass that keeps that rhythm pushing and pulsating.

October 18 2014 21:25:35

October 18 2014 08:55:25
yeah ;o)

October 18 2014 01:48:14
cody trippcody tripp
Great !!!

October 18 2014 01:44:29
Hey mic! its not good to push your hands that way on guitar m8!, if you feel any discomfort you always much stop un relax the hand. Strength takes time to build and hands must be relaxed. Don't kill yer playing Bro!:):). Anyway this Bass is running nice fella!;)
+0 October 18 2014 02:00:18 incivanpico mic1011
Yup, I think I will call it quits for a day or two. Thanks!
October 18 2014 02:05:35 incivanpico incivanpico
No worries mic!;)
October 18 2014 01:36:16
Very good Brother mic! Your best attempt so far! I think you rules the show!:D I download and see if I can add something????;)
+0 October 18 2014 02:22:10 akethesnaker mic1011
I am excited to see what you do with it!
October 18 2014 02:30:06 akethesnaker akethesnaker
We will se mic!
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