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[img][/img] I'm still in a daze from this wonderful track. Simply brilliant. I took the liberty to add some foundation. But honestly, the track was perfect before.
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Metal Progressive Rock


this is really cool - sweet guitar from SupJax that leads you in to some rocking guitar and drums from Inkless and your lovely bass adds another cool layer here Anrak :) builds real nice+3
December 08 2022 23:39:33
Anrak Thanks Shi, I found it not so easy to contribute something. They are partly more spots of "color" than a line. +1
OMG instant thumb !!! This is killer!+2
December 08 2022 18:42:35
SupJax Hey man, thought you were off since a long time. Always great to see "old members", well. Members from the first generation? Second? Doesn't matter if it fits in doomtrains. Always liked your guitarwork +2
December 09 2022 07:03:40
Anrak Thanks woXey!! +1
:o hell yeah, heavy and colorful!+2
December 08 2022 23:36:59
Anrak Thanks Nick! Made an effort!!! ... has apparently been worth it. +1
Yea man. Love basses. And I love bassdrops. Let's hear where this goes
I always thought this song is cold, a bit blu'ish but not much. Only invisible colors. If there is. But then also warm corlors, great breaks with the bass btw, like a little green or even orange. But not so colorful. Because I made this song for a group of Rpg Makers, for the biggest Rpg Maker game in Germany's Rpg scene. Oh I love that last tones. Haha, that's great man. This picture fits now tightly, crazy, and a cheers for you man. Or girl! Picture says Girl but I'm just kidding. Thanks man, love it on the headphones

And sorry that there is not many listeners. Probably because of me. Never had the big crowds on additions to my jams. I don't know why. And I don't care. I feel every step that's taken to produce an add, so don't worry 🍻 I hear you
December 08 2022 23:35:24
Anrak Thanks SupJack for the kind words and the enthusiasm that comes from your lines. But don't be sorry. I don't necessarily need a lot of listeners. More important to me are comments from others who create great tracks themselves and I reach someone I didn't know before.
... and that you don't always have so many listeners??? You have ratings that others can't even dream of ...
:W sound so good, all toghether, great my Friend :W+1
December 10 2022 09:24:35
Anrak Thank you Christian! Oh yes, great what they both created there. And the intro of SupJack is already really awesome. And Inkless spins this skillfully further. +1
sic... lol+1
December 26 2022 17:32:46
Anrak thanks, brother!! +0
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