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This is my original piano accompaniment for "Blurred Lines" (no, not that one!) that I wrote a while back. A kind of musical theatre piece really. Included to give an idea of original song. My only requests are (1) I am not a singer so if anyone fancies having a go at recording the vocals that would be awesome, and (2) if anyone fancies putting in an instrumental solo for the bridge (which has no vocals) that would be amazing. ...
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Musical theatre


Really nice composition and well played, welcome!:) Did you say you wanted to post a separate vocal track to this? If so, then click on your track, then go to the Edit track button in the upper right corner of your track. Click on that and scroll to the bottom and you will see "Attach high quality single track file".+2
December 16 2022 19:46:35
hoodchewer Thank you! Unfortunately, I tried to do this and it doesn't seem to have worked. Maybe I'm missing something really obvious! +0
December 16 2022 19:55:54
mdn What happened when you tried to upload the single track file? +0
December 16 2022 19:57:56
hoodchewer Literally nothing - the attached track doesn't seem to appear anywhere, and when I go back into edit the option to attach a track has disappeared :( +0
December 16 2022 21:47:49
mdn I just tried it, seems to work. What computer and setup do you use? +0
December 17 2022 11:02:12
hoodchewer I'm using Chrome on a Mac. I'll try with Safari and see if anything improves... thanks!:) +0
beautiful playing and welcome to da loops! <3+2
December 16 2022 19:48:41
hoodchewer Thank you, that's really kind! My midi controller isn't very good and I'm not a proper pianist, so the performance isn't as good as it could be. But it is authentically me! +2
This is a very good template, welcome to the loops. Hope to hear more from you;)+2
real pretty keys from you hoodchewer :)+2
Sounds promising!+2
Lovely song hoodchewer :) And if you'd like to add a second track with a voice, just try the "remix" button which will create a branch on this tree :)+2
this is real pretty hoodchewer :)+2
Great creative ideas and melody, welcome<3:W:)+1
Hi folks - struggling with the platform at the moment. I had planned to post the vocal track as well but can't figure out how to do this - especially on the limited account I have. Sorry - I think this attempt at a collab may have been a failure!!+0

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