9 - Death

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This is song 9 of the album Herbie meets up for the final and fatal time with his mother, and for her and Mary’s death he has to pay the ultimate price. lyrics/story: mike bracken (a.k.a. durinworld) vocals: durinworld vocals: shi chord progression/song structure: teegee drums: lucas seoane bass: egil hansen (a.k.a. egil) rhythm guitar: teegee lead guitar: teegee saxophone: fishinmission Notes by TeeGee: “…having 3 wonderful singers and songwriters working on this project is dream, I love the duets they did on this album. Shi’s voice really meshes well with ...
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Herring King; prog Rock


...and a guest appearance by Fishinmission. What more can you ask for?+3
Wonderful :) And I agree with Joe about the FishiSax :)+3
Herring K
This track is part of a rock opera with story, make sure to listen to the complete album in the right order for best result :) The whole album is here, download and comment :) https://www.wikiloops.com/album/21230-The+Herring+King+Band+-+Second+Album+.php+0

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