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mixed the track of ZamZam, Alexj, JonJon and myselve.... who's next? there's room for a second call/answer play and a fine solo in the middle! cheerzzz


EXCELLENT groove guys !!
To get a better jam than this, only adding fresh raspberries !! ;)
cool ! this remix should have been posted by JonJon as a remix of alexj (this way everybody would show on the tree) ;)+1
October 22 2014 13:33:08
Marceys I know :) ..... +1
October 22 2014 22:40:55
JonJon mine was already recorded and mixed before I saw that Alex had posted anything. It took me a while to get my mix halfway right and I wasnt about to go back thru the process again late last night on a work nite lol. And its all a matter of taste but I think it was all "busy" enough without added bass. Now it will sort of feel weird putting more on top of it IMO. Like I said, just a matter of subjectiveness +1
A jam!+1
oh my and then some you guys :)+1
I think a guitar solo might be a bit much from the 1:28ish to 2:28 mark because we would be coming right off a guitar lick and then going right back into more guitar. Id suggest some sort of deal like a 3 way vocal harmony bridge, maybe even scat singing. Carla or Annie C or Shi could easily fill it.

OR, if there are enough horn players around, a nice 3-4 piece tight horn bridge would be killer....THEN go back into more guitar/key call and answer when the Rhodes comes back in.

BTW, Ill work on the guitar parts for the end call/answer section right now. All the stuff I did last night was just in octaves but I think ill throw in some harmony stuff now
October 22 2014 23:49:48
Marceys Very nice suggestions JoJo! Would be very nice to hear some 3 way vocals or horns! +0
October 23 2014 03:05:50
JonJon K, I uploaded the 2nd half for both the Alex and Nuno bass jams +0

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