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This is a ditty i put together a dozen years ago - me playing that guitar, and a PSR 250 keyboard on rest of music. I think that opening chord is an undiminished J flat augmented minor, but i could be wrong. 8) This version is so dim, I've LOVE a whole new tune from the instrumental ground up with possibly space for solo jamming. Lyrics are ...
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doo wah la


Cool. Or should I say "yabadabadou".

I thought that I was the only one to sing these kind of words. (I do that when I compose a melody).

I am anxious to hear Oliv's guitar.

By the way your voice haven't changed in years.
October 22 2014 21:01:00
AnneCozean you guys are killing me! :) thanks so much, Robert. +0
October 22 2014 21:44:35
ROBJOL Don't worry Anne. I've spent the last 5 days home (bad cold) and I had a lot of time to spend. I go back to work tomorrow so you will have some peace. +0
Multi layers of liquid velvet, so soothing to my ears & soul
Damn good Anne, thank you ;)
October 23 2014 16:55:47
AnneCozean glad this soothed your beastly parts, Nuno. thank you! +0
Não E Muito, mas Dá pra Dividir Meu "tempo" "meu tempo" soa como: minha disponibilidade. é isso. Dá pra Dividir minha biodisponibilidade+1
November 24 2014 17:29:25
francisco al
AnneCozean al - xxxxx! +0
So glad to have come across this, Anne - great style, and very nice waltz.+1
November 19 2015 17:44:10
AnneCozean thank you, Midoru! :) +1
I listen, guitar, then a beautiful voice
and suddenly the drums,ou
It is a pleasant surprise:).
Song beautifully flows and again excellent vocals:)
October 22 2014 19:18:10
Lenny Cowler
AnneCozean Lenny - glad this Old Thang was good for you! thank you. +1
October 22 2014 19:21:50
Lenny Cowler
Lenny Cowler more beautiful songs with a beautiful voice :)!!!! +1
Very nice:)+0
October 22 2014 19:18:23
AnneCozean thanksabunch, Martina! +1
Hey Anne, nice, you are back. Nice Doo WAHs. Why need it a Re-Doo, it sounds very good to me.
The Chords in the first part are Em ,C and D i think. The second Part we will get too :) Well done!
October 22 2014 19:20:02
AnneCozean thanks for the chords, Andreas - i knew someone would know. yes, i am back with a Tranquil Vengeance! 8) i think it needs a redo cuz it's very dim and too short. but feel free to hop on this version, should it appeal. +0
October 22 2014 19:25:02
adu You´re welcome:)

The second Part i think it´s Am, F, Am, G, ending on an E. Sure there are variations of the basic chords. It sound very nice ;)
October 22 2014 20:06:40
adu Ok Oliv help me and he is right, the ending isn´t on E, it´s on A!
I had to add :)
October 22 2014 20:13:45
AnneCozean oh my gawd - someone really IS listening! neat! :) +0
This is great Anne:)..hope you kept the guitar, cause this is lovely. Simple ideas maybe! but a masterful performance!+0
October 22 2014 19:21:33
AnneCozean thank you, incivanpico -still have that guitar, all that remains of this tune. appreciate your listen! +1
October 22 2014 20:33:21
incivanpico plz play it more often Anne...cause its got som majic;) guitars cry when not played....let it entertain us again sometime!:) +0
maxi thumbs to you !!!! awsome song with GREAT lyrics hehe ... if ever you need an acoustic track for this i'm your man ;)+0
October 22 2014 19:22:27
AnneCozean OliV, guess what? i need an acoustic track for this. :) +1
October 22 2014 19:27:22
OliVBee all right then ... i'll start to think of something ;) ... +0
October 22 2014 19:22:51
AnneCozean GlezBass - glad you're so easy to please today! thank you so much. :) +0
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