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Was it only yesterday I could see the sun. Now it seems so far away, Do I have to run to try and catch the golden rays that flicker and then fade, melting even as I gaze, oh how I wish they’d stay. That sweet familiar golden glow is everything I used to know, the memories I have are there, and I won’t let them, no I won’t let them, no I won’t let them disappear. ...


Gorgeous song, beautiful playing, singing, great lyrics…
Thank goodness you punks never get tired !!
We're all richer for it…. ;)
Wow that composition and voice!!+3
A great vocal on OliV's guitar track Shi!:) I got faith in hope, music the window of the soul to look out of!:)I think we'll make it guys:):)+3
I can see the two of you touring the planet as a Duo just like this on greater stages, if you had the courage and the will.
This song is your masterpiece in terms of music, sound and poetry. B)
October 23 2014 10:19:45
OliVBee such nice words :) thank you so much buddy !! +0
lovely sweet approach :) a very fine balance between melancholy and hope ! thank you :)+2
October 22 2014 22:58:22
Shi thank YOU :) +1
super tune+2
...fine voice, shi...+1
i enjoy your higher vocals, it sounds very good. more dynamic! pretty good. :)+1
Real nice+1
very good in so many respects... :)
the writing is really good and - as oli stated - very well balanced. beautiful singing (as always ;)) and the mood of the song is special. So glad you pair up as often as you do! :)
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