Lonely Lounge Lizzard

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I kept it quiet so as not to wake and cause him to drink more. There's an epidemic of lonely people sliding off their bar stools.


I like the tone of that horn Paul, very imaginative! :)+1
January 19 2023 19:19:29
PaulM44 Thanks Mike, it seems to convey that lost feeling of being in the dark with a single malt scotch better than some of the others. I added extra vibrato to emulate the ‘40’s romantic movies.
I love hearing your natural relaxed piano playing. <3
I like your add Paul, great duo:)+1
January 19 2023 19:27:03
PaulM44 Thanks, Mike’s piano is very inviting. B) +0
Nice guys feel like i am in night jazz club.+1
January 19 2023 19:13:28
PaulM44 Exactly right—thanks! +0
Lovely sound, calm peaceful atmosphere :)+1
January 19 2023 19:11:16
PaulM44 Yes, Mike set up a beautiful piano arrangement and scenario that invited peace. ;) +1
Fantastic story... <3<3+1
January 19 2023 19:14:53
PaulM44 En vieillissant, j'entends de plus en plus d'histoires de solitude, donc ce n'était pas trop difficile à imaginer. Ça aide vraiment à ajouter du sentiment à la musique. Content que ça vous plaise. J'ai ajouté un microphaser au son de la corne pour lui donner un peu plus de vibrato comme dans les vieux films romantiques des années 40. :Y +1
Room for imagination.Nice add Paul;)+1
January 19 2023 19:25:32
PaulM44 Yes, I left a lot of open areas and background sounds. Enjoy! :D +0
Lovely and subtle+1
January 20 2023 04:05:39
PaulM44 A pleasure to listen multiple times and play along. +1
A good sound for this track. Some tricky changes to negotiate.+1
January 20 2023 19:50:56
PaulM44 Yes, the French horn is comforting sounding. What I do here is nothing like what you do when you blow to a song. Here it is a MIDI form that can after blowing be changed to match exactly the base track. So no excuses on this end. I tried following you on flute on another of your recent works and gave up--you are much too subtle and adept (but great practice). Oh well, back to MIDI. :( +0
January 21 2023 02:43:57
Wade French horn? Maybe English horn? I really like the idea of MIDI but am still just trying to be the best I can on sax and have little time left in life to be OK at anything else. Keep going! +1
January 21 2023 16:54:03
PaulM44 Yes, I resisted but also have done programming and was curious and now find I can try playing to works that would require more years of playing. i believe it depends on natural inclination. There is more satisfaction when playing along with a “real” instrument for sure! B) +1

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