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Journey RAW drum mix

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Jan 29, 2023
I am doing acoustic drums for a vocalist. He had a precussion track that I played against too so I put that in this mix. My drums are RAW in this mix. No plugins used. Only sliders and a bit of panning so this is the actual recording and a mix of 8 mics around my kit.
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real nice sounds here Keeper :) I like :) +1
DOPE af +1
So good to be hearing from you again. Good drum template! +1
Cool. What are you using for a mic/signal chain setup? +0
February 5, 2023 at 4:48 PM
Keeper RAW mix, meaning there is no chain yet. THAT is how it recorded. The vocalist I am working with has the multtracks and will be applying those on final. I use 8 mics into a focusrite 18i20. Shure Beta 52 on kick, sm57s on snare and toms. AT822 (stereo x/y overheads), and a RODE NT2a as remote room mic. This is how it sounds BEFORE any chanin applied. RAW mix to let him hear the performance. +0
February 5, 2023 at 6:43 PM
River19 I am using a similar 8 mic setup. 57s on the snare and toms, 52 in the kick, Rode overheads, Nady HiHat and an AKG room mic. Just got a number of tube preamps enroute.....all into Presonus 1824c........always pays to get a good raw mix vs. rely on gizmos....nice job. +0
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