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The Tui is an iconic native New Zealand bird. This isn't exactly how a Tui sounds, but tries to capture the feel of his song. Gerhard is on guitar I'm playing sopranino sax.


March 20 2016 10:03:02
WadeWade Thanks for listen, it's much appreciated. This is an old one, but has always been special to me. It's completely improvised off a loop that the guitarist did on the fly during a recorded practice.

March 16 2016 00:54:19
@FreshFunk@FreshFunk anytime a great tune and feeling that I listen here

November 03 2014 00:18:41
OliVBeeOliVBee man that sopranino can certainly cut like a knife :) ... fortunately you have agreat control on your sound :)
very cool impro from you guys ! nice guitaring from Gerhard :) i can hear you two have played alot together !

+1 November 14 2014 22:34:38 OliVBeeWade
Thanks OliVBee. I love the odd places Gerhard goes to. Like you he has a unique creativity. Also allows me to play in a non-jazz sax style that transcends the saxophone cliche.
October 29 2014 21:56:24
haddockhaddock Niiice! :)

October 29 2014 21:04:19
MalCoMalCo Dreamy.....i take it that is Gerhard on guitar?
+1 October 29 2014 21:08:36 MalCoWade
Yes that's Gerhard. When we practice together I keep a recorder going as about half of what we do is just spontaneous improvisation. He's come up with an idea for a loop and off we go. This is one of those..no forethought except that I was thinking about the Tui bird.
October 29 2014 07:51:32
akethesnakerakethesnaker Nice bird:)

October 29 2014 02:14:00
jamladyjamlady unverwechselbar, Wade!

October 29 2014 00:55:58
nuno1959nuno1959 ...LOL…Wade, REALLY ? Kenny G of all people ?
No way José !! ;)

+1 October 29 2014 03:25:48 nuno1959Wade
As you say..NO WAY!
October 28 2014 23:58:29
cody trippcody tripp awesome

October 28 2014 23:54:27
kimbokimbo clever bugger!!:) is this the bird that kicks yer head off that we spoke about in urft/
+1 October 29 2014 03:25:10 kimboWade
No that's the cassowary in Australia. Tui is a little guy, but very aggressive. Can sing beautifully, but can also do things like imitate hammers hitting nails at a building site. Versatile.

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