Purrrrrfect Urfternoon (featuring...Anne Cozean, Wade and Haddock)

acoustic Guitar:
kimbo526 jams
kimbo526 jams
step II
kimbo526 jams
no additional instruments available so far
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+ 15
anne cozean vocals: haddock fretless bass: wade sax: me guitars and mixing..... this is my first attempt at a hi res remix with others supplying trax remotely...still needs some percussion (not drums)....but later:)


very nice, put it on a CD it´s ready! :)+0
November 03 2014 17:17:57
kimbo let's play it for real at next year's wikifest +0
hi res track is great! Nice remix, kimbo :)+0
oooo - i've been waiting for this! Markus - thank you for that dreamy bass - just perfect. lovely entrance, Wade - 1:27 to 1:51 was so fine - love the soaring feel you give this piece. sweet job on the mix, kimbo - thank you so much, gentlemen!+0
November 03 2014 17:45:49
kimbo absolutly my pleasre anne...you cant belive how much i worried you wouldnt like it! +0
November 03 2014 17:46:22
AnneCozean what? YOU worry? 8) +0
November 03 2014 17:48:12
kimbo yeah me worry...i'm the shy retiring type you know:P +1
very nice+0
Fab mix+0
very cool song !! everybody's puuurfect :)
now if only everybody could show on the tree ?? ;)
delicious! :)+0
Super cool sounding mix everyone, a blast !!
& very good mixing skills K-Man, wicked… ;)
Nice one Kimbo!+0

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