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An older song of mine on my new Piano (Master keyboard). Skills are still limited. Have to revitalize some finger memories from the time when I once had a piano.


very nice piece with a strong Am smell (sadness) well tempered by M7 feel (melancholy) and natural maj (force of decision) ... good choice and balance that Erik Satie himself would acknowledge :)+2
November 05 2014 10:58:59
Lutz Thanks buddie, you know how to analyze. Of course when I wrote it, I did not think about that. +1
I am a huge fan of your guitar prowess and now your piano skills as well :)+1
Well… if this is your ''worst piano self'' then we all have MANY hours of beautiful music to look forward to…. ;)
VERY nice piece of music, sensitive playing, the lot !
Another multi-instrumentalist! Nice playing and harmony....+1
Beautiful progression and feel...AND if this is "rusty", I can't wait to hear your piano playing once that muscle memory comes back. Great tune Lutz!+1
Nice keys!:)+0
If only my fingers would pay attention to yours.+0
Thanks :)
For those who are interested: It's an M-Audio Keystation 61 with the Eightyeight grand piano software. A cheap way of having a piano.
very beautiful !!!+0
nicely played Lutz:)+0
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