"Yeah!!!"...Funky Jam

RobH132 jams
step II
dimeomax227 jams

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......Thanks to MrAdamOnDrums and RobH for this old fantastic Wikiloops Track....


awesome Dimeo:)+1
Excellent, great timing, cool lines+1
Oh yeah!+1
Quoting Master Yoda :
''…Ah, with you strong the funk is Young Padawan !…'' ;)
November 08 2014 14:33:35
dimeomax Ahahaha....fantastic!! :) Actually thank you for the "young padawan,"... but SIGH!! I'm old like yoda...:) +1
November 08 2014 23:48:45
nuno1959 Dimeo, DON'T worry, I'm no spring chicken myself… ;) & I welcome you to The Wikiloops Old Geezer Geyser Gazer's Club chapter !!

We have lots of activities for our senior members like :
1 - dusting instruments
2 - coiling cables
3 - Counting picks & putting them in boxes
4 - Replacing batteries in effects pedals
and many more fun & exciting ways to spend the rest of our lives…...

We're also chartered members of Rockers on Walkers & our motto is :

Old rockers don't die, we just get louder… 'cause we're deaf !! :D :D
November 09 2014 07:49:04
dimeomax 😄😄😄...Nuno I think you are a GREAT FANTASTIC MAN...I want you to be President of Italian Republic....and thank you for your welcome into the over 50 wikiloopians...😄 +1
November 09 2014 11:29:29
nuno1959 Thanks for your compliment Dimeo & i'll start my election campaign right now :
Dear citizens
If elected, i pledge that the State will provide free instruments to all musicians + 10 more holidays per year just to JAM !! :D

There, enough campaigning for today… now, where can we get some lunch & a nice bottle of red wine ? ;)
November 09 2014 13:05:06
dimeomax Ahahah....wow!! it would be the perfect country ....me and my band we are with you!!!!👍👍👍😄😄 +1
Awesome job!!+1
Awesome Jam! love it!+1
Yeah! Bel funk bass! Me gusta mucho! Bravo! :)+1
muito bom+1
November 11 2014 07:31:38
francisco al
dimeomax Thanks a lot 😄 +0
super funky bass, gefällt mir sehr gut!+1
November 14 2014 10:19:15
dimeomax Thaks Jamlady..I'm happy you liked it 😊 +0

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