Lutz´s awsome bossa

Remix step #3

acoustic Guitar:

Lutz138 jams Supporter
Remix step #4 (playing)


gnoerreby167 jams
+ 23
When I startet on Wikiloops 3 years ago I didn´t find the right way to add some harp on this beautiful track. In my opinion this track is an awsome work because of it´s beautiful, simple tune. It´s the perfect invitation for additions. Now, after a bit harp-practising, I tryed it again. Thank you Bear, Old Mojo and especially Lutz for this Track!!!!


October 25 2016 23:07:01
mandoloddamandolodda da gibt es immer noch alte sachen die ich immen noch nicht kenne
to much wikiloops:)

September 02 2015 21:12:53
wstein999wstein999 gnoerreby, this is the best harp I've heard yet from you or any of the 40 tracks I've listened to so far. Lutz, Old_mojo and Baer, y'all are amazing. Baer, thanks for solid drum templates. They always attract good players.
+1 September 03 2015 18:53:16 wstein999gnoerreby
Thanks for the compliment!I feel honored, that you listened so many tracks! It would be nice to listen to your harpsound some day!
December 06 2014 00:24:22
Old_MojoOld_Mojo The harp takes this in an unexpected but intriguing direction. Very nice!

November 18 2014 20:36:12
heliandrosheliandros Wahnsinn... ich hab hier ein Buch von Perry Letsch "Der einfache Weg zum Blues-Spiel auf der Mundharmonika" :) War immer mein Traum... total schön, was du da machst !!
+1 November 22 2014 00:27:43 heliandrosgnoerreby
Ok, bis 50 hab´ich kein Instrument gescheit erlernt, so habe ich mir nach vielen Jahren das einzige Ding geschnappt, dass ich in rudimentären Zügen bereits als Jugendlicher beherrscht habe. :)
November 16 2014 22:20:58
nuno1959nuno1959 Your Harp playing Gno ? A real delight, always… ;)

November 16 2014 12:39:20
NeronickNeronick Geduld ist die Haupteigenschaft eines großen Geistes und das hier ist großartige Musik zur rechten Zeit. Das Warten hat sich gelohnt.

November 16 2014 02:59:06
francisco alfrancisco al muito bom trabalho gnoerreby

November 16 2014 00:09:32
ToadCruncherToadCruncher real nice playing gnoereby
+1 November 16 2014 00:15:01 ToadCrunchergnoerreby
Thank you buddy. Your addition on this track reminded me of my plan to add something.
November 15 2014 23:20:11
cody trippcody tripp Fantastic

November 15 2014 22:46:52
OB1OB1 Great


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