Havin a beer with a couple friends

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Ok..so my tenor sax has been in the shop since mid September...for a total tune up and re-pad. Last night..called the tech...said three more weeks..after they told me Nov 1. I guess since they are so busy..I decided to help the tech out and get it off his list (arrgh)..but I still had to play it...aww I missed it..lol..saw this upload that I like so much..and since Cody likes some sax..thought I'd blow it...haha...

So drinkin beer with my almost 100 year old Buescher and havin one for Cody too! BTW..the horn still plays like crap..lol


November 20 2014 23:05:02
axenvocsaxenvocs Great stuff

November 19 2014 02:50:48
francisco alfrancisco al legal sax

November 17 2014 17:36:54
hurzelhurzel awesome playing :)

November 17 2014 06:10:32
KeitonKeiton Very good atmosphere. You gave a new breath to this tune. Thank you for participating.
+1 November 18 2014 04:35:28 KeitonFishinmissio
Hey Keiich..thanks..hope I didn;t step on your toes..maybe shoulda toned it down while you were playing...I am still learing to be a team member and not the star...:-) thanks for the words!
November 16 2014 21:13:00
RobMRobM Beer, friends and music .... what more does one need ;) Great playing Fishin' :)
+1 November 17 2014 01:08:09 RobMFishinmissio
More beer silly!
November 16 2014 14:10:02
ShiShi this is such a slinky track from you all....oh yeah , and laid back vocals cody.. and yessir I'm buying the beer ...:)

November 16 2014 09:02:31
akethesnakerakethesnaker Very nice! I´m gonna buy you a chinese copy sax when I win on lottery haha.
+1 November 16 2014 19:36:38 akethesnakerFishinmissio
I think you should buy some chocolate for yourself...since you like it so much...hehe
November 16 2014 08:54:38
UloisiusUloisius Super song, and if you still have a beer left over I'll take it like ;o)
+1 November 16 2014 19:37:12 UloisiusFishinmissio
Never out Ulo :-)
November 16 2014 06:03:09
RickplayerRickplayer May play like crap but added the perfect touch to this track thanks for joining

November 16 2014 05:28:30
WadeWade Fine playing with more confidence, but sitting pretty far behind. Good to stay behind the singer and "support", but if taking a solo get in there and blow!!! You've got the sound, ideas, and can work it.


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