absolute harmony

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heliandros122 jams

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remix to sequencing the tracks, particularly shi's voice where it has to be... at least in my opinion :)


cool :) ... in my opinion this song would greatly improve if you'd leave out the programmed tracks ...+3
November 17 2014 19:51:42
heliandros oliv... somehow you are the dark knight... the darth vader of wikiloops, don't you think? +0
November 17 2014 19:57:06
OliVBee i have no clue what you're trying to say ... i was just offering my opinion ! and like i already said wikiloops is full of talented musicians who would be happy to offer their take and ideas ? now if being a dark knight means working for wikiloops then hell yes i AM ! +4
November 17 2014 20:15:16
heliandros missunderstanding But I am not agreed with your opinion. Look, no, hear, what it creates... a nice piece of music. Why allways notice that's not requested here in wikiloops almost finished tracks?
Just enjoy the music, find your middle, oliv, please
November 17 2014 20:21:04
OliVBee yep that's exactly it : a misunderstanding ... my point is if you want an optimal piece of music then each stem should be optimal ;) +0
November 17 2014 20:54:43
Dick i believe what oli was trying to say is: we are collaborating on wikiloops - there is little need for collaboration if you programm everything and pack it into a non-splittable SEQ-mix, so don't be surprised if little remixing happens.
That was good advice IMO.

Besides that, I am the darkest night on the loops, so let me tell you: reacting to feedback by giving people weird roles/names is ... not what we usually do here.
November 18 2014 21:04:31
heliandros It wasn't my intention to insult oliv. Perhaps he has read my excuse in private message...
Kidding in a language with my poor ability is my fault. Excuse me, please!
WOOW Awesome song, great Work Heli and Shi :)+1
Good remix!+1
Great Remix!+1
very nice ;o)+1
So good!+1
muito bom trabalho+1
Good work! Shi's voice is mixed a little too direct for my taste - I feel like she's singing right into my face, a little more reverb would do. ;) Besides that, I like the sound you got out of her voice!

Concerning uploading an almost finished track.. I bet you'd get some really interesting and inspiringly different remixes if you'd upload split tracks. :)
November 29 2014 03:12:37
heliandros I agree in both statements :) Thx for these really good advices. I'll work on :) +1
Everything really w a new taste .. So good job!+0
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