Soul Goat

Remix step #2 (playing)


issiro29 jams Supporter
+ 18
At first, thanks to Zamzam for uploading a lot of cool stuff!!! This one offered me the chance try something new (for me). I absolutely dig the neo soul-genre (e.g. D'Angelo with maestro Pino Palladino on bass) and would like to learn some tricks which are behind it. I'm not sure whether this is going into the right direction. Perhaps you can give me some advice? :)


April 19 2015 10:17:54
Coool playing Robert!! Like alexj I've had this on a loop :D

November 30 2014 22:49:06
Oh yeah down home nasty...good going here

November 27 2014 03:56:15
francisco alfrancisco al
legal trabalho de baixo

November 23 2014 21:08:37
had this playing on loop for a while now, excellent playing dude! great use of space
+2 November 24 2014 15:09:45 alexj issiro
This is great compliment to me! Thank you :)
December 01 2014 18:58:22 alexj Zamzam
D'Angelos bandleader is my neighbor by the way.
December 01 2014 19:11:27 alexj issiro
Oh cool! That sounds interesting. Since you're so near to the source: do you know anything about the release of a new album? ;)
December 01 2014 19:41:03 alexj Zamzam
Nothing mentioned. But he did say he could come do some sessions on some of my recordings :-D
December 01 2014 21:15:16 alexj issiro
oooh i guess that would be awesome!!! :)
November 20 2014 16:13:57

November 18 2014 22:19:17
cody trippcody tripp
cool !!!

November 18 2014 21:45:03
EXTRA COOL Soul on this Goat that's for sure ! ;)
ZamZam's mixes are VERY tempting but can be quite a challenge & you pulled it off brilliantly !
As i usually do, i read some comments below while listening & i'm sorry but i'm going to copy & paste the whole ''recording tips section'' of it…
This site is TOO COOL for words… ;)

+2 November 18 2014 23:33:36 nuno1959 issiro
haha! :D

well yes, this site may be too cool for words. I'm not (yet) :P For me it's a learning process, very lucky that i got in contact to the recording thing by joining the loops and i think i can improve that along with having fun :)
November 19 2014 21:00:45 nuno1959 nuno1959
Right on, besides all the great things about The Loops, i've learned a TON since joining… ;)
November 18 2014 21:14:34
well how very nice to hear you on this one issiro...:)

November 18 2014 19:31:11
nice track with lots of movement and small variations ... i like the control you have on your instrument :)
+1 November 18 2014 21:31:55 OliVBee issiro
Thanks, OliV! :)

any advice for the mixing thing?
November 18 2014 21:38:55 OliVBee OliVBee
like Dick said ... Zam² uses almost the entire dynamic range so lower the backing track and setup a comp/limiter on your stereo output ... adjust the output lvl with the limiter ;) ... this way you can leave your track at a decent lvl and make it sound more balanced against the drums in your mix ;)
November 18 2014 23:26:58 OliVBee issiro
okay, thanks :)

actually i've tried a limiter on the master output but the result hasn't been satisfying, since the mix was constantly on the 0db level, no dynamic left and it didn't sound very well :(

when i'm back home on friday, i wanna try a comp, too. Do you mean the backing track by "stereo output" or the whole mix including my track?
November 18 2014 23:29:41 OliVBee OliVBee
i mean the master output of course ! the idea is to bring back some of your bass in the final mix ;)
November 18 2014 23:37:55 OliVBee issiro
ok then, i'll keep you in the loop ;)
November 19 2014 12:55:51 OliVBee Dick
...think we really should have a compression/dynamic handling tutorial @the forum sometime soon :)
November 19 2014 13:29:56 OliVBee OliVBee
that would be nice yes !
November 19 2014 15:08:52 OliVBee Dick
have a look at the "tips & tricks" forum, I had a little go :)
November 19 2014 16:49:25 OliVBee OliVBee
cool article ;)
November 19 2014 18:20:20 OliVBee issiro
well done, Dick! :) especially a fat thanks for explaining some parameters of a compressor!
November 18 2014 17:36:29
1:01 - what happened?!
thats confusing me A LOT :D
repect for the quick-mute moves, thats hard to do. I like this! (louder!!!)

+2 November 18 2014 17:48:07 Dick issiro
1:01: Well that was actually my idea for going into Part B. Indeed a strange one, sorry :P

quick-mute moves: Nearly the whole track is played with three-finger picking technique + palm mute. That's the trick. :)

louder: I'm the opposite of a good mixing guy. i even think it clips a lot in the way it is right now. heeelp!! ;)
November 18 2014 19:30:15 Dick OliVBee
i like the stop idea !! ;)
November 18 2014 20:24:35 Dick Dick
zams tracks are a bit difficult to remix - he is using every bit of dynamic range, so you will have to lower the backings volume to avoid clippings when remixing ;)
November 18 2014 23:16:37 Dick issiro
oh sorry, i didn't see your answer before asking OliV. Thanks for your comment ;)

by the way...@ Dick: in the list of selectable styles, there is no "soul"-option :)

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