Willow Weep for Me

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JohnV has done the most marvelous job of creating a backing for my lyrics and has given me the ok to upload this mix. I am so very grateful to him for taking the time to work on this. I really think he has done a beautiful job and I will be really proud to add this to my live. This is a new backing and vocal so I hope its ok to just upload as a new mix. Thank ...
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Celtic folk


very nice+2
beautiful :)+2
A sad ballad from middle earth. Way to go Morgan...keep up the NZ mystique.+2
November 20 2014 05:25:30
MorganLeFey it was a global achievement…Belgium and middle earth…thanks so much for the listen Wade :D +0
Sad but great song+2
November 20 2014 05:22:55
MorganLeFey thank you Rick :) I think the backing is perfect for the subject +1
November 20 2014 14:28:56
Rickplayer I think so to nicely done +0
bom trabalho+2
November 20 2014 05:22:08
francisco al
MorganLeFey many thank yous :) +0
very nice+2
Great work-out and fine timing. Would be nice if you post the voicings, too. Playing guitar means to learn at bit every day, isn't it?+2
November 21 2014 19:47:46
MorganLeFey Hi Nick I suspect that is what will happen. John has isolated the noise and has also suggested I need to resing as I came in at the wrong time +0
November 22 2014 14:08:46
fanne not everyone can read notes,so I put it in a tab,maybe we skip the intro :https://www.dropbox.com/sh/y85mctu8hoqzzxf/AABNSt2TeO2VbVnkoY9dY300a?dl=0 +0
November 22 2014 14:32:38
Neronick Thanks! +0
very nice ! everything sounds spot on :)
i am switching to "Sequencer" as there is (way) more than just your vocals in the track ;)
November 19 2014 21:13:25
MorganLeFey thank you Oliv I perhaps should pull it and ask John to upload the track first so he gets full credit +1
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