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As if you mold your sound into the existing music - trying to lie in the bed that Lou Minn made, musically I mean...
November 21 2014 13:10:08
Wade Thanks Lutz. Unfortunately I'm not very good at creating like you and others, so just add...but try to do it sensitively. +1
Love your tone. Your sax has such a soulful flows like honey.+2
November 21 2014 22:14:28
Wade Thanks Priscilla. I'm playing a 1920s Buscher sopranino saxophone. It's very high pitched (as you can hear) and seldom used. Can be sweet or screechy. +0
November 23 2014 09:43:27
Priscilla I enjoy John Coltrane (and Eric Dolphy even more!) but can't take the Coltrane 'screechy soprano' sound. Thanks for keeping it sweet Wade. : ) +2
November 23 2014 21:18:57
Wade As a sax player I'm supposed to bow in reverence whenever Coltrane is mentioned or played. He was a technical genius, but I listen to music. Never liked his tone and consider his approach to music cold and clinical. I guess there are some who could sit and watch the world's fastest typist for hours and not care what they were writing. +1
Nice Wade...YOu are busy today!+1
November 21 2014 13:07:59
Wade Thanks Mark. Well just catching up on editing and dropping them in as finished. +0
Sweet mix+1
oh, so sweet :)+1
November 21 2014 13:11:07
Wade Thanks Hurzel. Will be looking through your old tunes shortly for inspiration. +0
Sexy sax sound (a lots of "s") for a cool performance.+1
November 22 2014 21:28:05
Wade Thanks Rob. Wasn't thinking sexy at the time, but another "s"...smooth. +0
So nice playing Wade!+1
November 24 2014 23:58:43
Wade Thanks Haddock, appreciate the listen and comment. +0
Wade, you have a unique way making slow blues changes sound like a smooth ballad. Very nice!+1
November 25 2014 02:13:48
Wade Thanks Itocpogo. Just playing it the way I hear it in my head. +0
Very nice smooth blues playing Wade!;)+1
January 23 2015 05:41:05
Wade Thanks Ake. It's kind of blues "light". +0

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