Jazz Ballad (+Upright)

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Here is a take by my buddy Simon Teboul :) ... i skimmed the backtrack for an optimal sweetness ;)
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jazz ballad


I love this rebirth of this great track! perfect bass! :)+2
brush work is so tasty.
1:42 - 2:30 = especially love what happens there!
deep respect for Simon's beautiful bass lines.
totally terrific tranquil tune.
this is outstanding from all...I love how this plays (for lack of better wayto express it). This kind of tempo is Soooooo hard to maintain without rushing and this is immaculately done. Wow. Hats off.+2
I think I have this tune on an ECM album by John Abercrombie. oh . . . you guys don't have an album out and are not famous musicians? Could have fooled me. One thumb just doesn't seem enough.+2
Reminds me of a popular ballad melody Pat Metheny, but this perfectly realized. I uprigths acoustic sound or emulated by software? Because it sounds really good if acoustic, very similar to the series of acoustic bass sound spectrasonics Trilian+2
November 23 2014 15:45:42
OliVBee This is an upright from 19th century played by my buddy Simon Teboul ... he's a professional musician ;) +1
November 23 2014 18:24:22
GlezBass The sound and the play is top level!! I love it +1
If this isn't a sax player's dream...I don't know what is. Fantastic !!+2
sensitive bass playing. simon should join us more often!! :)+1
Great sound, great piece. I can hear the sound of the trumpet in my head...+1
Fantastic sound and great playing.....Thumbs+1
nice sound..great jazz template+1

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