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Yes, I guess I like this drum track

A little jam to try my new Joyo pedals. Verse is somewhat influenced by Jimmy Page/Kingdome Come. The Fmaj7/Fmaj7b5 chord pretty much came straight from the Kingdome Come song "Just Like a Wild Rose"

verse and end solo rhythm- Joyo "British" thru clean fender stage 185
chorus- Joyo "British" left channel and "American" right channel thru fender
end solo-Joyo "Ultimate" thru fender lead channel

chorus is doubled left/right with chorus effect on one side and phaser on other side.

Reverb and delay and chorus added in sends also


November 22 2014 16:36:56
Cool chords in the verse, very mature rock and roll sound with tension, but then the chorus goes a little more happy, and that's the gold in this track.
+1 November 22 2014 17:12:56 Slimdaver JonJon
I think thats sort of how I write stuff. Come up with a part that sounds come up with another part that has some contrast in some way or another. Its not a real thought out thing though, its more by feel
November 22 2014 05:18:33
Rocking JJ, sounds cool man ! ;)

November 22 2014 04:19:49

November 22 2014 01:51:38

November 22 2014 01:49:36
I've got one Joyo pedal which is the D-seed pedal. It's a great delay pedal. I like your riffs brother. Keep up the great work
+1 November 22 2014 01:58:56 PeterVeillon JonJon
Thanks bro. I sorta went crazy and bought like 5 joyos due to the cheap price. Bought 2 overdrives and the "British" and "American" modeling pedals and also a chorus. TBH Im not sure why I got 2 ODs...I should have gotten a heavier distortion. I was swayed by great sounding reviews lol
November 22 2014 02:02:45 PeterVeillon PeterVeillon
They are affordable and cool but honestly I think you make them sound better because you play good. I've seen some YouTube demos that were just awful. I know another good cheap buy that I use all the time. I'll send you a link. :)
November 22 2014 02:06:08 PeterVeillon JonJon
I appreciate the compliment. Its hard for me to agree because I have been tired/lazy/depressed etc and my last 2 jams havent been very creative by my own personal standards. Im having issues finding people to jam/write with IRL even though my town is starting to pick up a small music scene. It gets way harder as you get older with work fatigue blah blah. I wonder whats the point of having talent if there is no real outlet
November 22 2014 02:25:20 PeterVeillon JonJon
I had "lost" my Dunlop Wah but I think I know where it is now, just have to dig it out lol. I just got the Joyo "American" "British" "Sweet Baby" "Ultimate OD" and Analog chorus. I probably wasted money on the "Sweet baby" because its just such a light overdrive. I do have a Carvin tube amp that I dont use much because its way too loud for my apartment but I MIGHT be able to use it with the OD in front of it

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